Monday, September 12, 2005

Feinstein's Special Interests

Could this be why Senator Feinstein was behind the president's decision to invade Iraq?

Seems as though her husband has his grimey fingers in a contract to rebuild some of Iraq's infrastructure that our own government destroyed.

Isn't it ironic how this works? We invade a country. We destroy its critical infrastructure. We torture its people. We award private American companies contracts to rebuild what we destroyed.

Rinse and repeat.

Meanwhile, what was accomplished? Seems as though this is a new public works program, like in FDR's New Deal, the only difference being that poor and/or unemployed people aren't being put to work. Rather, big bidness is.

SOP for the Bushies. They have perverted a government program designed to assist the disadvantaged to the overly advantaged "base" (ie, major corporations and cronies).

Well done.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sand: Fill New Orleans with Our Plentiful Supply of Sand

Why not fill New Orleans with sand? Make it sea-level. Heck, make it above sea-level. We have ample supplies of it, what with our occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, with soon-to-be conquests of Syria and Iran.

It might take less time to fill New Orleans with sand from the Middle East than it took FEMA to respond to the catastrophe.

Katrina Timeline

Check this out. It is a timeline of the events surrounding the Katrina / New Orleans disaster --

Friday, September 09, 2005

Miserable Failure

Google "failure" (without the quotes) and what do you get? What we've all gotten for 4+ years now --

George W Bush (W is for witless).

Funny story, with a hilarious picture, is here.