Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Practicing what he preaches: Bloomberg on the NY subway

A Mayor Who Takes the Subway — by Way of S.U.V. - New York Times

Um, not quite the commute we thought it was...

Impeach Bush? Only if he gets a blowjob, which is unlikely

Probably not going to happen. Wouldn't be prudish. But would it satisfy the abstinence test? After all, he shouldn't be having sex if he isn't procreating, right?

Morford on woman (not literally) of 16 -- going on 17 -- children

God Does Not Want 16 Kids / Arkansas mom gives birth to a whole freakin' baseball team. How deeply should you cringe?

It's not really a whole baseball team. There are typically 25 players on a team. So, they've got to birth 9 more to make an entire team. Otherwise, Morford is on the mark.

Little People, Big World dad is a drunk driver

Cops: "Little" Star Hit Bar, Drove Car - TMZ.com

I knew this guy didn't have any sense. He's dangerous. Almost killed his friend and son last year. He's a real jackass.

Now's he's been popped for DUI. Way to go, Mr Family, guy.

Dilbert's software solution

Software cures all ills.

Woman accused of killing her baby boy, police find more dead babies in her house

Police find remains of 4 infants - Crime & Punishment - MSNBC.com

This will make you cry, and, if it doesn't, you may be a cyborg.

Identity theft has many outcomes

Stolen ID leads to mortgage fraud - Crime & Punishment - MSNBC.com

This is one I hadn't heard of before -- stealing somebody's wallet, assuming their identity, and then buying...

A house.

NBA players in Chicago tied up, robbed

Police looking for link in robberies of two NBA players - Yahoo! Sports

Even big, rich dudes with bodyguards can be overpowered.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Bush and No Child Left Behind: Failure

Test scores slow under No Child Left Behind reforms, gauged by states/federal assessment

Bush's greatest legacy could be his No Child Left Behind gimmickry. And it just might be, if you consider this his most successful failure. I mean, there isn't much from which to choose:
  1. Iraq
  2. Medicare overhaul
  3. Social Security overhaul
  4. Border safety
  5. Amnesty
  6. Katrina
  7. 9/11
  8. War on terra
  9. War on terror
  10. Clear Skies
  11. Energy Task Force
  12. Tort reform
  13. Compassionate conservatism
How far can one go? I'd say you've left a helluva legacy, Little Bush.

Tax evasion: It gets them all

adn.com | Alaska political corruption : Federal agents' search of Ted Stevens' Girdwood home continues
Allen and Veco vice president Richard Smith pleaded guilty in May to bribery, extortion and other charges connected with paying off state legislators. A federal law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition that their name not be used, said the FBI is trying to determine whether Stevens has received a hidden benefit stemming from his position in Congress.

fCapone couldn't escape it, BALCO couldn't escape it, Barry Bonds most likely won't escape it. Nor will Ted "Tubes" Stevens, that nimrod who wanted to build a bridge to nowhere.


Is it any wonder General Motors is near collapse when they hire idiots like Limbaugh?

Crooks and Liars » Limbaugh’s GM commercial…He’s just looking out for Global Climate

Rush Limbaugh is, among other things, an asshole. But that's not why I wrote. He's also NOT an environmentalist. Oh, there's something mental about a guy who pays illegal workers to get him illegally prescribed pain killers, but there's nothing environmental about this guy, other than that he's anti-environment.

So GM goes out and gets them a spokesperson for their green initiatives. GM has never been about making a better product, much less a better product for a better environment (excluding the 'Vette, of course). They hired Rush Numnuts. So, I guess he fits their model.

Besides being the world's fattest hypocrite, he's also the biggest a-hole out there. I wish somebody would shove a Prius up his anus. Figuratively, of course. His butt might swallow a Prius whole. And we'd never get it back.

And that would be anti-green.

Chief Justice Roberts suffers seizure

Chief Justice Roberts suffers seizure, is hospitalized in Maine - Los Angeles Times

He probably just realized his civil liberties have vanished, too.

Bible disclaimer, just like some pukes put a disclaimer on books of science

Turn about is fair play, no?

bible_fiction.jpg (image)

Here's an abortion question that is worth asking

Quindlen: How Much Jail Time for Women Who Have Abortions? - Newsweek Anna Quindlen - MSNBC.com

In short, the article poses the question: If abortion is made illegal (i.e., it's murder), how much time should the offending woman spend in jail?

The author, Anna Quindlen, recounts a documentary where a guy stands outside an abortion clinic and asks that same question of the anti-abortion protesters. None of them answer with a specific sentence. "Let God handle it." "Make her go to counseling." Whatever.

Now, if abortion becomes an illegal procedure, and a woman gets less than any other murderer, then I'd have to conclude that the people who agree with that sentencing arrangement think that killing an unborn baby is a lesser crime than killing a baby outside the womb or any other live human being.

That is preposterous. "Let Charles Manson go. He didn't know what he was doing."

Or, "Send Jeffrey Dahmer to counseling. His mind isn't right."

Nobody would say that!

Let me be clear: I am pro-life. But I'm also pro-choice. It's a difficult thing, but on balance, abortion is better than the alternative: Giving life to a child that will be neglected, malnourished, and unloved.

Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, pleads guilty to drug possession

Gore III pleads guilty to drug possession - Politics - MSNBC.com

Several funny things about this story:
  1. His name is Al Gore III. You mean there have been 2 others?
  2. There could possibly be more than 3 if this guy procreates.
  3. He was caught speeding. Doesn't he know that's not green?
  4. ...in a Prius. Okay, green label re-affixed.
  5. A politician's son taking drugs? I can't believe it! Not since George HW Bush's son took drugs did a president's son get accused of such tawdry escapades.
  6. He's an associate publisher of GOOD. What's GOOD about him?
The dude's been arrested before for drug possession. If I were his dad, I'd tell my son an inconvenient truth: You keep doing this and I don't bail you out and you spend 20 years in a Texas prison with a cell mate named Bubba (and not my ex-boss, Bubba. A big muscular dude named Bubba who hasn't had sex in a year).

Global warming will be the least of this jackass' problems.

US to increase aid to Israel to $3 billion per year

The Daily Star - Politics - US boosts Israel's annual defense aid to $3 billion

WTF!!! Why are we giving them anything? Can't they defend themselves? They claim they can. What do they give us?

I'm all for giving food, shelter, and aid to our allies, but bombs, planes, and ammo? No. That's what eBay is for.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael Moore may be subpoenaed for his trip to Cuba

U.S. officials may subpoena filmmaker Moore - Yahoo! News

Like every dude in the White House hasn't had a Cuban cigar! What a bunch of hypocrites!

I admit, Michael Moore is annoying. Annoying, sometimes, to the point of comical. Just watch Roger & Me. You'll know what I mean.

But, c'mon! He went to Cuba. Big deal.

Bottled water is tap water encased in plastic

Aquafina labels to spell out source - tap water - Yahoo! News

But didn't we all know this? This is news to people? The real reason bottled water is popular is two-fold: a) everybody else is doing it, and b) it's all because of the packaging. Bottled water is convenient.

I drink filtered tap water. Have for years. Filtered because I want to remove some of the normal gunk in tap water, but knowing full-well that "bottled" water was and still is a scam.

Next thing you know, they will be selling us air.

Next up: Bottled air. Normal air contained in a bottle. What? They do this already, too?!!!

Former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio gets 6 years for stealing Million$$$$$

Ex-Qwest CEO Nacchio gets 6 years - Yahoo! News

They say if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. I don't think this holds anymore. Most high-profile people, even when doing absolutely reprehensible things (can you spell "OJ"?), get little jail time -- if any -- for their crimes.

Here's my Top 10, just off the top of my head:
  1. OJ Simpson
  2. That dude from the football team who killed somebody, didn't get any time (Ray Lewis?)
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Ken Lay
  5. Scooter "Ass Kisser" and really bad writer Libby
  6. Robert Blake
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. George Bush
  9. Dick Cheney
  10. "Alberto" (if that's his real name) "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Gonzales

Even Gorbachev says we suck, and I think he sucked Reagan's ass

California should secede from the US for the 2001 energy "crisis"

Jason Leopold | Cheney Suppressed Evidence in California Energy Crisis
"In retrospect I could see how that happened," Davis said. "There's no question that the energy companies saw me as an adversary when I wouldn't buckle under their demands. I was vulnerable and the [energy companies and the White House] took advantage of it. This crisis took place in the early days of the Bush administration. I figured these guys are too busy picking out furniture for their offices. I didn't think they [the Bush administration] were spending their days in office involved in some full-scale conspiracy. But it turns out they were."
After all, California is still one of the biggest economies, all on its own. We don't need BushCo's help.

President Cheney's tenure -- long-term effects?

President Cheney Sickens Planet / Earth recoils as VP assumes role for two "unholy" hours. Also: no WMD in Bush's colon

I love this story!
"Did someone snuff out the sun or something? Why does the world feel so pale and deathly right now? I feel like my heart is being molested by a drunken hockey team made up of poisonous sea slugs and angry pinecones in the bowel of a rock. Wait, does that even make sense? I don't care. That's the feeling."

Democratic game plan

The American Debate | Democrats' rare chance to go for gut | Inquirer | 07/22/2007
"The political brain is an emotional brain. It is not a dispassionate calculating machine. . . . Republicans have a keen eye for markets, and they have a near-monopoly in the marketplace of emotions. They have kept the government off our backs, tore down the wall, saved the flag, left no children behind, protected life, kept our marriages sacred, restored integrity to the Oval Office, spread democracy to the Middle East, and fought an unrelenting war on terror. The Democrats, by contrast, have continued to place their stock in the marketplace of ideas. And in so doing, they have been trading the wrong futures."
This is about the best piece on how the Dems should fight the right on the war and everything else -- at the gut level.

Love this quote from Adlai Stevenson:
The Democratic candidate was leaving a rally when a woman told him, "Every thinking person will be voting for you." He replied: "Madame, that is not enough. I need a majority."

BushCo: Doing al Qaeda's press work

Dan Froomkin - Al Qaeda's Best Publicist - washingtonpost.com
At a South Carolina Air Force base yesterday, Bush mentioned al-Qaeda and bin Laden 118 times in 29 minutes, arguing that the violence unleashed by the U.S. invasion in Iraq would somehow come to America's shores if U.S. troops were to withdraw.
That's mentioning al Qaeda and/or bin Laden 4 times a freakin' minute!

Some more math (well, not really): We weren't being invaded by al Qaeda before we attacked Iraq (okay, once, and if we would have heeded the advice given to us by our own intelligence community, it wouldn't have happened), so, now, if al Qaeda is "going to follow us home" if we withdraw our troops, wasn't that caused by BushCo's rush to war?

Pat Tillman death probe

Topical quote

"I always wanted four children, my wife wanted two; we compromised on two."
-- Senator Chuck Schumer

AG Gonzales' testimony refuted by FBI head

FBI Chief Disputes Gonzales On Spying - washingtonpost.com

Well, let's see now: FBI Director says one thing, "Alberto" Gonzales says another. Who do you believe?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fourth grader computes odds of getting a whooping

Dick Cheney's new book: See Dick lie, torture, cheat, and play The Penguin

Ice cooling systems work

Howstuffworks "Are ice blocks better than air conditioning?"

This is a great how-to on ice air cooling. The simple version is this: Freeze many blocks of ice at night when temps are low, let evaporate and blow through existing cooling ducts. Refreeze and repeat.

Many large corporations are using this method to cut cooling costs, saving themselves, and their shareholders, millions of dollars.

Retired General being demoted for Tillman case

General faces demotion in Tillman case - Yahoo! News

Wow, BushCo can make retroactive laws. Now, they can make retroactive demotions. I wonder if they can make future-active promotions. As in, I'm not in the government, but make me a part of it and pay me upfront. I want to head FEMA. I'm totally qualified, if current and past leaders of the agency are any indication.

No, I haven't handled horses, but I have taken care of pets, and I have a child. I've dealt with many emergencies. Like poop, vomit, and pee. So I'm at least as qualified as Michael Brown.

Karl "Marx" Rove subpoenaed, Dems call for perjury probe on Gonzales

Democrats urge perjury probe of Gonzales - Yahoo! News

Like the popular phrase, "F-- 'em all," I say, "Subpoena everybody." Keep them embroiled in this mess so that they cannot wreak anymore havoc on our country. The reason people look back favorably on the Clinton administration is because nothing really got done because the Executive quashed everything the Congress wanted to do and vice versa.

So, keep BushCo busy with minutiae.

Woman has pool stolen out of her backyard without a trace!

Swimming pool thieves stump homeowner - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com

"I walked out of my trailer and found nothin' but empty space where my inflatable pool used to be."

Nice interactive tutorial on phishing

McAfee SiteAdvisor - Phishing Quiz

Time to toot my own horn -- I scored 10 out of 10! I rock. And I'm very lucky.

Our tax dollars at work: Iraq reconstruction -- paid for, but work not done

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inbox Zero by Merlin Mann

AG Gonzo: The case is building for resignation, even by his sycophants

Documents contradict Gonzales' testimony - Yahoo! News

It's time "Alberto" Gonzales resign, or be prosecuted for perjury. It's becoming crystal clear that his days are numbered now. BushCo won't fire him, but Congress may make this so uncomfortable for him that he leaves "on his own accord."

AG Gonzales: Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't

Bloomberg.com: Worldwide

And I, for one, am glad that he's damned either way. He's a classic loser, trying to lie his way out of stuff by lying to cover the lies that covered the lies.

He, being from Texas, should know the First Rule of Holes: When you're in one, stop digging. (Thanks to the late Molly Ivins for that one!)

Fox Nutwork -- I like the sound of that!

Texas Governor Perry appoints creationist to state education board head

Conservative to lead state education board | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | News: Education

Wow. I thought Texas was trying to lose its reputation as a backwater state. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Anybody who doesn't believe that evolution happens cannot be trusted with our children, for they cannot see, let alone interpret, reality, and thus can impart on our children only figments of their own imaginations.

Smackdown: US Constitution

House inches toward constitutional showdown with contempt vote - CNN.com

The thing "conservatives" and Repugnicans love to stand behind is the US Constitution. "Our founding fathers...blah blah blah." If they love it so much, why do they cheat on it all the time? Is it unfaithful to them, too? Why do they shun it so?
If the full House approves the contempt citations, the Justice Department -- which is at the center of the controversy -- will make the decision about whether to pursue the citations, Snow said. The U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia would have to present the citations to a federal judge in District Court.

However, the Justice Department on Monday sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee saying that it will not present the citations to the court even if the House votes for them.

Brian A. Benczkowski, principal deputy assistant attorney general, said the department's position was "that the criminal contempt of Congress statute does not apply to the president or presidential subordinates who assert executive privilege."
So now BushCo is not only claiming that the president can assert executive privilege, but his subordinates can, too! So now you get some mail clerk of Bush or Cheney who can assert "privilege" because the president said so.

What a farce Bush and his cronies are making of our Constitution!

Preacher man sues 20/20, John Stossel, and Disney

Preacher sues '20/20,' alleging defamation - Los Angeles Times

I have to admit that I hate religion almost more than any other institution.

But I really hate John Stossel. He's a punk. He's a conman in his own right. He pushes his own agenda on 20/20 and I've hated his show so much that I stopped watching 20/20.

I've seen Reverend Price on television. He's quite entertaining. For people looking for some guidance in life that they cannot find on their own, I could think of worse places to go find it (like scientology, booze, or drugs).

This chop job that Stossel did on him is pretty pathetic. They took him out of context (I only know this because Stossel and 20/20 admitted that they did) and retracted their story.

However, the preacher has sued them. I guess he didn't read the piece about turning the other cheek. Maybe somebody can get a bible for him. He seems to have lost it.

Right to bear arms = right to be an asshole?

Fundraiser to feature machine guns - Yahoo! News

What is it with the gun kooks? Why is it that something that is pretty clear to me in the US Constitution as a right for the state to keep a militia equates to every citizen being able to possess automatic weapons? Where's the logic there?

And Repugnicans are the worst. Why do they so much care about guns? Is it a phallic thing?

Lazarus on Bush's colon

Taxpayers pick up Bush's bill
Bush told an audience in Nashville last week that the Senate bill is "the beginning salvo of the encroachment of the federal government on the health care system." He said he'd veto any such legislation making its way to his desk.

That's a fine how-do-you-do for a guy who had five growths removed from his colon on Saturday largely at the government's expense and had them promptly examined by government experts at the government-run National Naval Medical Center.

There may be hope at progress on Iraq war

War foes plan new way to pressure Bush - CNN.com

I can't believe how ineffective our Congress is. The president is playing like it's his ball and he'll take it home if he wants to, and Congress just stands there and takes it. These guys and gals have no guts, no balls, no courage. Harry Reid is a complete idiot, too.

"Let's vote on this."
"Let's debate all night."
"He hurt my feelings."

What a wuss.

Hybrids in the fast lane? C'mon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bush is the Decider but don't call him an expert

AG nonresponsive

The Raw Story | Rove blamed for Attorney firings in Gonzales hearing; Specter raises prospect of impeachment

I think AG Gonzales is really too stupid to answer any questions. I bet he barely graduated from some two-bit religious college. Maybe got his law degree on the Internet.

He's clearly not smart enough to lie his way through this, but we put up with him anyway.

Goddammit, it's enough to make my head explode!

Cindy Sheehan: Certifiable nut job or just nut job?

Dana Milbank - Not the Retiring Kind - washingtonpost.com

Is Sheehan even newsworthy any more? She's become a real joke. At first, she was the mosquito to Bush, now everybody, it seems (except for the kooks), hates her.

AG Gonzales is a liar, plain and simple

Gonzales: Ashcroft not pressured on spying - Politics - MSNBC.com

What ever happened to dignity, honor, trust, and honesty? It used to be that you had to question your elected representatives, but you could trust civil servants, of which, I believe, the Attorney General is.

"Alberto" (if that's his real name) Gonzales is a liar, a scoundrel, somebody that I wouldn't trust with anything, much less the Justice Department of the United States. The guy is Bush's Bitch.

War department will not pay disability payments to injured vets

Newsvine - Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA Head

These guys are something else! They flaunt the war benefits, get you to join, promise you the world (literally), you get shot, they leave you for dead.

Only in America. Where it doesn't affect you personally, you don't care.

Moby gets letter from Karl Marx Rove re: being his half brother

Club Caper Costs Lohan Role | | Gossip - New York Post Online Edition
Moby's New Pal

MOBY has an unusual new friend. He told politico.com about how his mom once gave a baby up for adoption and he therefore has a half-brother somewhere. "I jokingly said, 'Maybe it's Karl Rove,' " Moby e-mailed us. After the story appeared online, he got a strange letter from the White House. "The envelope looked as if it was from 1952," he said. The letter was from Rove and said, "Dear Moby (or is that Mr. Moby), It's not me. I have no musical ability and am 19 years older (assuming you're 37). So you can breathe easier. On the other hand, James Carville is musically inclined and bald, too. Do you like crawfish etouffee?" Moby, a liberal vegan, wrote us, "Needless to say I was a bit stunned. A letter from President Bush's brain? The man without whom [Bush] would be doing the alligator on the floor of a Hooters in Biloxi? I was also a bit stunned because the letter was funny."

Cheney is one crazy mofo

Think Progress » Cheney: I Told Leahy To ‘F*ck Himself’ Because He Was ‘Close To Kissing Me’

Homophobic even when confronted by straights. He should tell his daughter the same, yes?

Feingold: Right Wing is killing Americans

Monday, July 23, 2007

Fruit Loop wants Pelosi's job

Sheehan Wants Impeachment, Pelosi's Job - washingtonpost.com

Cindy Sheehan is right, but she's just too fruity, even for the Bay Area to be next in line for President after Bush and Cheney are impeached.

Senator Kerry's dog of a bill to ban images of dog fighting

Chimps are chumps when it comes to walking

Humans 1, chimps 0 in walkathon | Crave : The gadget blog

humorous story about...


Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in trouble

A dry-weather crisis for Hoover Dam | CNET News.com

...and so are its inhabitants and the people they serve.

Let the impeachment proceedings begin!

Crooks and Liars » Tell Congress to Begin Impeachment Proceedings NOW

There's got to be at least 3 brave Congress people, right? Wrong. They're all pussies, but maybe -- just maybe -- we might find 3 who could use the impeachment process for political gain. After all, that's why they're in this game, right, to better themselves financially and politically.

So, who here stands the most to gain by impeaching Cheney and Bush? They've both got to go, but, sadly, I say Cheney's got to go first. We're safer with just Bush than just Cheney. And if Cheney is impeached, Bush might just do something smart -- hire a competent, non-evil VP.

I really don't want Pelosi and all that baggage (not necessarily her issues, but the BS that will come about if she were made President).

IMPEACH HIM buttons get 74 year old retiree time in a police squad car

Everyone's a winner in Roswell New Mexico!

Everyone winners in car promotion - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com

Seems that the maker of the lottery tickets imprinted all tickets with the winning numbers. Brilliant!

I think they should be made to pay.

Our tax dollars at work, part 2 (today)

Dead farmers got $1.1 billion from USDA - Washington Post - MSNBC.com

I love it! Dead farmers get money. Live farmers get money for not growing stuff.

I want in on this deal! My grandparents have been dead for over 15 years and they never grew anything. I think I'm owed at least $10 million. I'll share it with you.

Bill Kristol's Outlook piece on BushCo's success got rave reviews

Howard Kurtz - Bill Kristol, Highly Recommended - washingtonpost.com

...from at least one fan, President George Bush.

So I thought Curious George didn't read newspapers. I thought I heard him say that...but apparently, he reads journalistic hacks like Kristol (you ever notice these guys have "K"s where "C"s belong, like Karl "Marx" Rove?)

So George Bush reads. We can all sleep peacefully at night, knowing that he won't let another dire warning go un-acted upon, like "Osama bin Laden to attack US" a few days before it happened.

One other thing: Terrorists want to scare us, not kill us (well, maybe some of us, but certainly not all of us -- that would be counter-productive, don't you think, if you're in the business of scaring people?). These guys who perpetrated 9/11 are not terrorists. They're mass murderers. Our government seems to be the terrorists, always wanting to frighten us into the corners of our homes, except for shopping.

We must shop, to keep up the economy.

Why Bush Will Be A Winner -- by that idiot, Bill Kristol

Fox News not only full of incompetent news people but incompetent sys admins, too

Whitedust.net - We are Information Junkies (1992-2007)

Apparently, Fox News system administrators are idiots, too, just like their news men and women. They left exposed an FTP password on one of their web sites. Way to go, Fox Noise!!!

Our tax dollars at work: Pentagon scraps Million$$$ in hardware

Military buyers: Pentagon junks millions in hardware - USATODAY.com

Okay, so they ordered too much (too bad they can't get it to the troops. They have these things called AIRPLANES for goshsakes), but instead of selling it to recoup some of the costs, they're just throwing the supplies, equipment, and other gear down the toilet.

I love America, where everything is a throw-away. Especially our tax dollars.

Hey, at least the Middle East is good at two things!

Builder: Dubai tower is now world's tallest - USATODAY.com

Not only are they the best car bombers, but also great builders of buildings. Perhaps they could refocus and do the right thing? It's amazing what people can do with the right motivations.

Bikini-clad landscaping

FOXNews.com - Tennessee Landscaping Company Employing Bikini-Clad Women - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

At first, I thought, yuck. Landscapers are all men, right? Wrong.

Here is a, um, progressive business thinking outside the box, so to speak.
"You get the attention but you also get a tan, which I need," Beckman said.

Man trying to stop girlfriend from driving drunk is run over by her

Bush Veto override? It's possible that Congress might defy him, but I'm ever-doubtful

Bush could face first veto override - Los Angeles Times

Yes, he faces a potential veto-override on the children's health care bill, but it's unlikely that Republicans will follow on and do the right thing because, if they do, they'll be ostracized and have no future political aspirations. But sometimes, people do the right thing in spite of self-interest.

But not this or any other Congress, unfortunately.

If only Ron Paul had a chance

Ron Paul - Presidential Election of 2008 - Elections - Candidates - Republicans - New York Times

I agree with much (not all) of his conservative philosophy. But they guy should know who Jon Stewart is. I mean, sheesh, doesn't the guy read or watch TV?

Boston Globe: Bush is a terrible failure

The world after George W. Bush - The Boston Globe

This is the hallmark of Republican accountability: Let somebody else fix it.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Romney and Giuliani: Tales of two draft-dodgers

Rudy and Romney: Artful dodgers | Salon.com

Funny how times change people: Once they'd do anything to get out of serving their country, now they're the biggest hawks of them all. I guess with age comes wisdom? Or is it with age comes senility?

Genarlow Wilson's case going to the Georgia Supreme Court!

Glenn Greenwald's Salon.com article on the law-breaking BushCo

Glenn Greenwald - Salon
We know the administration breaks laws with impunity and believes it can. That is no longer in question. The only real question is what, if anything, we are willing to do about that.

Congress really needs to grow some testicles

Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings - washingtonpost.com

So now BushCo is claiming that if the President invokes "executive privilege," the Congress has no right to hold in contempt anybody covered by said invocation.

Meaning, "people" (and I use the word lightly) like Harriet Miers can snub their noses at Congress and tell them to fuck off if the President tells them not to testify before Congress.

I say, Congress, call their bluff. Might as well send us all down the well pronto rather than drag out our demise to totalitarianism. And you know what, you may just win. I hope, god I hope, the public is smart enough to figure this out: George Bush, Dick Cheney, and "Alberto" Gonzales want to return you to fiefdom, where they hold the power and money, and you hold the plow.
Both chambers also have an "inherent contempt" power, allowing either body to hold its own trials and even jail those found in defiance of Congress. Although widely used during the 19th century, the power has not been invoked since 1934 and Democratic lawmakers have not displayed an appetite for reviving the practice.

President Bush to hand over presidential power to the dark one, Dick Cheney, while he gets his butt examined

Bush will have colonoscopy - Politics - MSNBC.com

Hell in a handbasket, anyone? Cheney's likely to shoot Iran in the face, if you know what I mean.

Can't wait to see what crap this guy does.

Senator Vitter's planned speech, before his handlers convinced him otherwise

Senator Vitter’s Suppressed Statement - 10 Zen Monkeys
Friends, members of the press, fellow citizens. (PAUSE)

Firefighters demo wrong house -- OOPS

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Outed spy Valerie Plame lawsuit against BushCo dismissed

Plame lawsuit dismissed in CIA leak case - Yahoo! News

I'm no lawyer, but I knew this one would go nowhere. Especially when BushCo owns the Judiciary.

Tom DeLay: Aborted babies would remove necessity of illegal immigrants doing American jobs

The Raw Story | Tom DeLay tells College Republicans that abortion, illegal immigration
are linked
"I contend [abortion] affects you in immigration," DeLay told the Washington-area gathering. "If we had those 40 million children that were killed over the last 30 years, we wouldn't need the illegal immigrants to fill the jobs that they are doing today. Think about it."
But wouldn't aborted babies be disabled? Like, could they do anything?

Oh, and another thing to the former bug exterminator: If we had all those American bugs you killed over your career, we wouldn't need foreign bugs, like African killer bees.

Bill Press on David Vitter (not literally of course, that would be another story in itself!)

Nice tight story on David Vitter and his Repugnican family values. I guess we do know what values his family has. They are devoid of any.

Bill Press

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Major airline email and mail addresses (CEO)

Rugby players are tough and thick-headed

TOMS Shoes -- buy a pair, he donates a pair to a child in a developing country

TOMS Shoes

They look pretty comfortable and you'll feel better by having given something of tangible value to a kid without the means to buy them.

Soon-to-be Ex-Senator David Vitter of Louisiana speaks Part Dos

Howard Kurtz - Vitter Speaks--But Only Briefly - washingtonpost.com
There came a point in David Vitter's take-no-questions press appearance last night that I had to suppress a chuckle.

After a week in seclusion, the tense-looking senator apologized, said his wife had forgiven him for being in touch with the D.C. Madam, denied messing around with any New Orleans prostitutes, and then declared he would not keep answering questions about this (actually, he's answered zero) and intended to resume work on the water resources bill.

The water resources bill?

I feel hosed. Doesn't a senator who preaches the sanctity of marriage and then breaches it have a responsibility to do more than read a statement? Does Vitter think reporters aren't going to dog him about this at every subsequent public appearance?

More impressive was his wife, Wendy (yes, the one who once threatened to pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him if he strayed but now says she forgives her man). She told the media to stop camping outside her house and stop following her and her children to church. She sounded properly emotional and reasonable, and did not gaze lovingly at her husband, toward whom she did not look all that loving.

I'm not in favor of these stakeouts -- especially when kids are involved, have a heart -- but I doubt the senator can successfully run against the media here. The reason the camera crews were chasing him is that he went into hiding for a week. He says he's not going to help sell newspapers by talking about the scandal, but he has built his career on a platform of moral values and sanctity of marriage. Now, having used that spotlight to boost his political career, he wants his privacy? He wants the reporters to go away? It doesn't work that way.

Salon Editor Joan Walsh is unmoved:

"What a performance. Such hypocrites. Praise the Lord, and come out swinging. Say you're sorry -- but blame your political enemies and the media for your suffering." Vitter, she says, is "part of a generation of hateful, divisive right-wing leaders who've demonized gay people to build political support. And he's one of a growing number of hard-right, gay-demonizing guys who've been revealed to have their own sexual issues."

Previous post

David Vitter goes public

Senator in escort case goes public - USATODAY.com

He's sorry for the serious sin he's committed, but "Those stories are not true," so where does that leave us, Senator Vitter?

You've tarnished your reputation, and you're on your way to tarnishing the state of Louisiana, if they continue to embrace you and don't fire you. You should resign immediately, you f--ing hypocrite.

Link to original story.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Man dials 911 to save him from police

Man calls 911 to save him from police - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com
A 38-year-old man was arrested after he called 911 and told a dispatcher he was surrounded by police officers and needed help, authorities said.

Judge will not reconsider wacko judge's $54 million pants lawsuit

Judge won’t reconsider $54 million pants suit - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com

First story
Second story
Third story
Fourth story

The plaintiff/judge is a loon! Lock him up, throw away the keys, the guy's going to go all mental on us.

Like selling ice to Eskimos

Katrina ice to be melted - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com

Your tax dollars at work. Thanks, FEMA.

How NOT to Powerpoint

Nice compilation of US government web sites

Marines routinely beat Iraqis

Marine: Beating of Iraqis became routine - Yahoo! News

...from the horse's mouth...

"We were told to crank up the violence level," said Lopezromo, testifying for the defense.

When a juror asked for further explanation, Lopezromo said: "We beat people, sir."

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Part 5

Part 5

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Part 4

Part 4

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Part 3

Part 3

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Part 2

2nd in a series...more to come.

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Part 1

The first in a series of Bill Moyers Journal entries on Bush and impeachment. My favorite line from Bruce Fein, who drew up the articles of impeachment on Bill Clinton:
"Congress in an invertebrate."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

UPDATE: Judge loses pants, then shirt, vows to get even

From the department of "I told you so" comes an update to the story of the crazy judge who lost his pants at a dry cleaner:

Read here for the background.

Friday, July 13, 2007

White House will not turn over Pat Tillman papers

Internet crash 2007

You may ask how I posted this? Well, it's a joke.

Tour de France google maps mashup

This is pretty cool.

DHS head's gut feeling

Olbermann: All hail the prophetic gut! - Countdown with Keith Olbermann - MSNBC.com

"I have this gut feeling that things are real shitty right now for my boss, Mr Bush, so I am going to guess he needs me to 'threat-down' those stupid Americans."

Crikey, he's not even American. With a name like 'Chertoff?' C'mon!

Clinton invoked executive privilege and lost

Washingtonpost.com Special Report: Clinton Accused

Where will the wheels of justice stop for Bush?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Judge who sentenced Libby "perplexed" by Bush's commutation

Libby judge 'perplexed' by clemency - Los Angeles Times

This judge was appointed by Bush for his tough stance on crime and his adherence to federal statutes and guidelines. Go figure.

Um, really, really bad idea: Flute made of tampon applicators

For The Ladies: Tampon Pan Flute Will Make You Musical, Awkward - Gizmodo

Somebody has way too much time on her, ahem, hands.

Cheney + Libby = Chlibby?


From Andrew Tobias, noted financial guru and political activist (he's wealthy, gay, and a Democrat -- beware, liberal rantings going on in this article).

Harriet Miers is in deep doo-doo and Congress better have the courage to follow through on their threats

House panel rejects Bush privilege claim - Yahoo! News

This 'executive privilege' crap has got to stop. Congress: It's time to call the President's bluff.

Put up, shut up, or cowboy up.

Those are terms George W. Bush might (might!) understand.

Wedding day bliss?

Bride arrested after attacking groom with shoe - Criminal Peculiarity - MSNBC.com

Wife and husband fight during wedding reception, wife clocks husband with shoe, husband bleeds, cops are called. All make for a very nice wedding!
Brown (wife) had been on antidepressants at the time and had been drinking.

According to Brown's lawyer,"She and her husband are still together although this incident has not helped," adding she is receiving counseling.

Another pol gets slammer time

Ex-N.C. House speaker gets 5 years - USATODAY.com'

Democrat Jim Black goes to jail for 5 years. It sucks that he's 72...but if you do the crime, be prepared to do the time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Best list yet of Bush Scandals

Surgeon Generals told not to discuss stem cells, tobacco harm, global warming -- "We've already decided"

Surgeon General Sees 4-Year Term as Compromised - New York Times
“I was specifically told by a senior person, ‘Why would you want to help those people?’ ” Dr. Carmona said.
This quote was in response to the former Surgeon General's statement where he said he was discouraged from attending the Special Olympics, a longtime Kennedy family involvement.

The hack the Repugnicans are attempting to replace him with, "Dr." James W. Holsinger Jr., is a sicko right-wing, holier-than-thou Christian partisan, who once said that homosexual sex was unnatural and unhealthy. I think it is, too -- between heterosexuals!

Let's see if the Dems have any self-respect left. If they do, they have to defeat this shill.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Michael Moore knows how to get press, doesn't he?

Chinese food so bad they kill themselves

China executes ex-food and drug chief - Yahoo! News

Okay, the headline is a little misleading -- China executed its equivalent of the FDA director for taking bribes. In exchange for money, Zheng Xiaoyu approved untested drugs that turned out to be fake, among other things. Read the story for more details.

I just have to say that our reliance on a foreign country to provide "cheap" food and food-related products (like spices, seasonings, and food coloring), as well as toothpaste and other staple items will wreak havoc on our nation. Forget about terrorism -- this kind of stuff will kill or injure millions of us without us even knowing it.

Dogbert's outsourcing company

This REALLY happens! Or, funny because it's true!!!

Here's a new way to fly

I too want to be a member of BushCo


This is one of the funnier and pertinent "satires" -- pretty much about sums up how I feel about BushCo.

Alberto Gonzales is clearly a liar

Gonzales was told of FBI violations - Washington Post - MSNBC.com

This guy is a piece of work. I know, there may be a case that he's incredibly stupid, or careless, but it's clear to me that he's a liar.

Liars shouldn't run our Justice Department. Call or write your representatives today!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lead paint = criminal

Ice cold beer in 3 minutes

How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes - Dumb Little Man

I offer nothing here if not useful advice!

All hands meeting, Dilbert-style

I love how topical Scott Adams can be!

Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter admits to doing something sinful

Senator's number on escort service list - Yahoo! News

"I told God so now I'm okay."

What a bunch of horseshit.

The dude hired a whore. Admit THAT!

Looks like it's time to start checking Google for phone numbers and who they belong to. Sounds like fun.


Iraq War costs US $12 Billion a month

Report: Wars cost US $12 billion a month - Yahoo! News

Oh, what I could do with $12 Billion a month! In 5 or 6 months, I'd be the richest man in the world, even after giving a lot of it away, and nobody would be dead at me feet.

Unlike King George.

Justice Clarence Thomas is no regular black man

Justice Secures His Place as a Critic of Integration - New York Times
"...he suggested the concept of integration was inherently demeaning to black children because it implied they needed to mix with whites to achieve excellence."
What about the flip-side? Might white children need black children to achieve excellence? I'm no supporter of affirmative action (I believe the best outcomes are derived from giving every one equal opportunity), but I do believe that diversity raises all ships, or something like that.

A child (adults for that matter) who's exposed to and interacts with people not like him has a better chance at excelling because he's been exposed to different viewpoints, perspectives, ways of doing things, etc. And all races and backgrounds, collectively, add up to a smarter populace. I believe the differences in people don't "sum" but rather "sum their absolute values."

Meaning, 1 plus -1 does not equal 0, but rather equals 2.

Executive privilege = ? Ability to obstruct justice

Bush Denies Congress Access to Aides - New York Times

The President's lawyer is urging the former aides to Bush NOT to testify. I urge Congress to implore them to testify or charge them with contempt of Congress. It would be interesting to see what happens after that!

Spanish women demand Pamplona "cow run"

Women demand female Pamplona bull run - with cows - Yahoo! News

So when they say, "running of the cows," do they mean the cows or the women?

Any Aussie condom testers out there?

Bridge to nowhere Senator is in deep, um, ice?

Stevens fears impact of current probe - Yahoo! News

Teddy Boy renovated his home. Problem is, renovator bribed Alaska government officials. As they say, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Sorry, Ted "Tubes" "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens.

Old Round Table Pizza slogan?

Dinner guest finds bodies in freezer - Criminal Peculiarity - MSNBC.com

This guy went to the freezer, got the box, and found dead people. Not a welcome site, I'm sure.

Crawford ails as Bush fails

Bush tourism boom goes bust in Crawford | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

As the Republicans like to suggest, let the market decide. Well, the market has decided: George Bush is a failure. President Bush trinkets, gifts, and memorabilia sales, as well as tourism, is drastically down in Crawford, Texas.

It IS all Bill Clinton's fault!!!

Crooks and Liars » White House fails to get Al Qaeda in 2005

Aborted mission to capture or kill Al Qaeda members in 2005. Gee, glad we didn't try it. That might have worked.

I guess the Repugnicans are pro-choice, after all.

Bulls 7, humans 0

7 crushed in Pamplona bull run - USATODAY.com

Sadly, all the bulls will eventually meet their demise. It's a hollow victory I guess.

Democrats a little less timid now? I doubt it

The Raw Story | Democrats have daggers drawn for Bush

I swear, who do I hate less? BushCo or Congress? That's what it boils down to, it seems.

Cindy Sheehan to run against Pelosi unless Bush is impeached

Sheehan Threatens To Run Against Pelosi, Anti-War Activist Says She'll Run Against House Speaker Unless Bush Impeachment Is Pursued - CBS News

Cindy Sheehan confirms every stereotype about activists and tree-huggers. I think she's on the right path -- but she goes about things in the wrong ways. And she doe it in a grating, unpleasant way.

Sure, she's brought attention to the Iraq war. For that, I thank her. But she has no chance of "pushing" impeachment. The Dems are cowards and sissies. They won't do it.

Prince sells out concerts, gives away CD

Prince Points the Way to a Brighter Future for Music

Whether you like his music or not, Prince is today's Frank Sinatra -- he does it his way.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fred Thompson lobbied for abortion-rights

Did Thompson Lobby For Abortion Rights?, Republican Fred Thompson: "No Recollection" Of Working For Family Planning Group - CBS News

But of course has no recollection of it. Typical lobbyist. Is this who you want running your country? A second flip-flopper in a row?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Entire Bush administration made of pussies

White House: Clinton shameless in Libby comments - CNN.com

I'm the last guy to -- pardon the pun -- pardon Bill Clinton for his, um, pardons: I think he went nuts in granting felons and miscreants pardons during his last days.

But Tony Snow is the pussy spokesman for the biggest pussy ever in the White House. These guys always -- ALWAYS -- point to Clinton as the poster child for everything that they do that is questioned.

"Clinton did it." The standard response. These guys not only have no morals, ethics, or collective conscience, they also are just like those little pricks in school who shout at you when you're a hundred yards away, and then stand behind the big bully (Dick Cheney) when close by.

I think Cheney would die of a heart attack if anyone ever stood up to him. Hey, there's an idea! Why doesn't somebody stand up to Dick?

I'm not the only guy who noticed this diversionary tactic away from the issue.

OMG, Dick Cheney IS the devil!

Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency | washingtonpost.com

Goddammit, he's just a friggin' prick, like his name suggests.

Morford says it all about Dick, Scooter, and Curious George

Scooter Libby In Hell / What do Dick Cheney, Paris Hilton, "The Sopranos" and colon spasms have in common? Find out here!
It's not "The Sopranos" at all. It's more like a particularly noxious episode of "Mama's Family," all Neanderthal redneck inbred imbeciles doing bad accents and idiotic pratfalls and slapping each other in the face to the tune of an insufferable, forced laugh track, all centered around a laughably dreadful character who blurts out sarcastic one-liners so stupid and inept they make your skin crawl.

George Bush is 'One Tough Hombre' -- by Paul Begala

Pete Domenici is a pinko Commie -- Breaks with Bush's war policy

Domenici Breaks with Bush War Policy - washingtonpost.com

The Soviets have regrouped and rebranded themselves...

...as Democrats and war-monger haters.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Man kills bird, thinking it was a vampire

Alleged bird beater had wild weekend - SILive.com

Um, okay (as I walk backwards away from this story).

The digg comments are hilarious, but, as one commenter put it, "not to the peacock."

Bush grants amnesty to...Scooter Libby

I guess since President Bush couldn't give 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty (since his own party abandoned him), the "Decider" decided to do the next best thing:

Grant amnesty to Scooter Libby.

Oh, the poor guy has to pay a $250,000 fine. Waaaahhhh! His defense fund will surely pay for that. The guy isn't out one solitary dime, I'm sure. His family has suffered.

What about Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame? Haven't they suffered. Remember, Bush said he'd get to the bottom of the leak and fire those involved. He hasn't done a darned thing (except for stonewall and lie).

Scooter got a 'get out of jail free' card. Tit-for-tat. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Two things come to mind.
  1. Since Bush has deemed that the punishment didn't fit the crime, and no court has yet determined that the jury didn't follow the law, the law needs to be changed so that Scooter's "sentence" is applicable to all people convicted of the felony of obstruction of justice. This is favoritism at its finest.
  2. Call your congressional representatives and demand that they either impeach Bush and Cheney or they're fired. They could further bring criminal charges for a host of offenses.
It's really that simple, as Ross Perot might say.

The rule of law has been forever tarnished by President Bush and members of his administration. For that, they deserve prison time.

scooter libby - Google News

Libby commutation: You're either for it or against it

Let's get one thing straight: George Bush deserves to be impeached. Of course, he has every right to commute sentences as he sees fit.

But to say that Libby's punishment didn't fit the crime is appalling. Is Bush saying that it's okay to lie to a grand jury, the FBI, and other government officials and offices? People have gone to prison for stealing postage stamps. This guy, if not the source, certainly contributed to outing a covert CIA agent!!!

Isn't that treasonous? Shouldn't treasonous apologists be impeached? After all, he and his administration have committed many more serious deeds, including lying to Congress, obstructing justice, killing innocent Iraqis, detaining people indefinitely without the right to a fair and speedy trial, etc.

CONGRESS: Just pick one! For crying out loud!!

This guy laughs at you every day. He's committed atrocities against Americans, you, and our neighbors across the globe. Clinton, who I didn't like, was impeached for lying about an extra-marital affair!

Let's put some perspective to these things!

First order of business: Anyone who gave money to Scooter Libby's defense fund needs to be ostracized for what he or she is -- an aider and abettor. Expose them. Make them totally unelectable. Show the public who they are: Scum-sucking weasels.

What Poppy Bush says about traitors

...of which Scooter Libby obviously is.

Traitors used to get executed. Now they get commuted.

Crooks and Liars
Bush 41: “I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors.”

Monday, July 02, 2007

Quotes on Scooter Libby's commutation

Reaction to Bush's Libby decision - Yahoo! News

Here's how you decide who NOT to vote for:

1. Rudy Giuliani (running, and running as fast as he can away from his failure after 9/11): "After evaluating the facts, the president came to a reasonable decision and I believe the decision was correct."

2. Fred Thompson (says he's not running, but he sure looks like he is): "While for a long time I have urged a pardon for Scooter, I respect the president's decision. This will allow a good American, who has done a lot for his country, to resume his life."

3. Roy Blunt (not running, but what the hell?): "President Bush did the right thing today in commuting the prison term for Scooter Libby. The prison sentence was overly harsh and the
punishment did not fit the crime."

Let's wait to see three things tomorrow.

1. Will this story be forgotten and/or disregarded by the evening news tomorrow?
2. How will Congress react? I think impeachment, not for this action, but for all of Bush's other actions, ought to be "put back on the table."
3. What will the other dillhole Repugnicans say?

At least Scooter Libby isn't retarded

Bob Cesca: What If Libby Was Black Or Mentally Retarded? - Politics on The Huffington Post

One man's view.
Regarding the record 152 executions during his two terms as governor, Bush "wrote" in his autobiography, A Charge To Keep, "I don't believe my role is to replace the verdict of a jury with my own." He went on to write, "You know what's interesting? I once swallowed a coin." I just made up that second quote, but I like to imagine that he's the kind of guy who has accidentally swallowed a coin or two.

Bush commutes Scooter's sentence

Bush commutes Libby prison sentence - Yahoo! News

Have I said this before? These guys will stop at nothing. Breaking laws, lying to the public and Congress, waging wars on non-entities...what's next?

I think they'll try to commit 7,000,000 murders, just to beat the Nazis. These guys are uber-competitive. Comes from their frat-boy days.

Girl injured on -- ahem -- amusement park ride

Girl injured on amusement park teacup ride - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com

Maybe they're not the safest places to take your children.

More amusement park mayhem

Small explosion goes off in Disney trash can - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com

Man alive, what the hell is going on at amusement parks?

Dick Cheney: Eviler than Hitler?

How Cheney abused his power in war on terror | International News | News | Telegraph

How about the Joker? Or the Penguin? Yeah, the Penguin. Always thought of Rumsfeld as the Joker.

He and David Addington need to spend some time at Gitmo, from the inside.

"We are safe" says DHS' Chertoff

'We are safe,' says Chertoff - U.S. Security - MSNBC.com

There. He said it. So it must be.

Unless it's an election year. Then, all hell would be breaking loose because, as everybody knows, only the Republicans can save us from paranoia.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Google takes on Michael Moore and his movie Sicko

Google vs Michael Moore

I agree with the author -- Google only stands to lose in a battle against Michael Moore. Oh, sure, they could find that he's looked for "fat, white chicks taking it up the a--" but come on. Nobody would be surprised by that, or anything else for that matter, so the "exposure" would fail in its attempt at embarrassment.

Moore has taken on the biggest and dirtiest and he generally wins. Mostly because what he says has threads, if not entire fabrics, of the truth, but also because he's funny. And ballsy. I'd love to see him take on Google's CEO and ask him, among other things, why he has a yahoo email address.

That one still puzzles me. You've got to at least have a little respect for Microsoft, for they eat their own dog food. Apparently, the google gmail offering is good enough for us schlepps but not for the head of google.

America's Cup delayed due to winds

America's Cup racing delayed due to winds - 02 Jul 2007 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

RTFH (read the f-- headline) -- a sail boat race is delayed because of wind. Don't sail boats rely on the wind?

What kind of pussies own these boats that they can't be men enough to go out in rough seas? I watch The Deadliest Catch. Those guys don't puss out when the weather's slightly foul. Why do these rich bastards?