Friday, February 29, 2008

People Write Right to Left? WTF? This Is America, Damn It!!!

Just goes to show you, we're NOT the only ones here...I wonder if this is why our behaviors are different. Not to suggest "they're" backwards (maybe we are) -- but language is so embedded within us that it cannot help that we write differently. Does this difference suggest a different brain mapping? Hmmm.

Official Google Blog: Searching right to left

Bottled Water: It's Good for the Soul ( of Coca Cola and Pepsi)

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Bottled Water Blues

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Day Conservatism Died: William F. Buckley Dead at 82

William F Buckley
Conservatism died today when its most ardent supporter, William F. Buckley died. Rest In Peace.

One of the best lines I've seen about Buckley, in reference to his being the father of modern conservatism:

Bill Buckley may have been the father of modern conservatism.

But we never know how our children will turn out.
"Children" in this case meaning the likes of Fat Bag Rush Limbaugh, Lilliputian Sean Hannity, Dumb Ass Bill O'Reilly and the like.

Writer William F. Buckley dies at 82 - Arts, books, more-

My Favorite Musicians Who Happen To Play Guitar

Having gotten lots of feedback on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time," I thought I'd change things up a bit. Some readers pointed out that it's difficult, if not impossible, to rank guitarists because they all have different styles. It would be like saying orange is a better color than blue. Or Picasso is better than Van Gogh.

Whatever. I somewhat agree.

So I've decided to put together my own list. These are my favorite guitarists, some for their extreme virtuosity, some for their beautiful melodies, but all because I flat-out like their music.

  1. Eric Clapton
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  3. Eddie Van Halen
  4. Slash
  5. Keith Urban
  6. Mark Knopfler
  7. Jimi Hendrix
  8. Jimmy Page
  9. Carlos Santana
  10. The Edge
#1 Eric Clapton is god. He is so versatile and his style matches my tastes very well. I love the blues and he has put out some great blues tunes. Slowhand, as he's known, has a long history of making great guitar music. He's an accomplished singer, too. His electric and acoustic work are unparalleled.

#2 Stevie Ray Vaughan was so much fun to watch. The blues exuded from every pore. When he played, you could feel it, you know? He had cool guitars, pretty guitars, beat-up guitars; he played different ones for different songs. The guy was a master. It's so sad that he died just as he was cleaning up.

#3 Eddie Van Halen rocks. His work by his namesake, Van Halen, is legendary. His foray into synthesizers kind of pissed me off and foreshadowed the downfall of this great rock band, but his ax work is great. There's nothing better than listening to the intro of "You Really Got Me" dialed up to 11.

#4 Guns 'n Roses' Slash may not be the fastest or the best guitarist around, but he made beautiful melodies with GnR ("Sweet Child O' Mine" comes immediately to mind). Some of the slickest work in the last 20 years has come from the hands of this master.

#5 Most readers will scoff at a country singer in this list. Don't trivialize this guy, though. Not only did he score Nicole Kidman, the dude can flat-out play guitar. I first saw Keith Urban in Monterey a few years back before he was anyone and he played his damned heart out. Keith can rock with the best of them! I'd love to see him play with Clapton or Knopfler.

#6 Mark Knopfler, once the lead in Dire Straits, is a well-rounded musician who's played with the best of them. His work is so smooth, it sometimes sounds like he's not quite human.

#7 Jimi Hendrix changed rock 'n roll forever. He mixed electric guitar, rock, and blues, with a lot of stagecraft, into a wonderful concoction that only he could master.

#8 Led Zeppelin's guitar lead, Jimmy Page, was one of the most influential rock guitarists to come out of the '60s. Like Hendrix, Page and company melded rock with the blues and made it their own.

#9 Carlos Santana does some of the most beautiful guitar work I've ever heard. He can make a six string play notes like nobody else. He's just so easy to listen to.

#10 The Edge from legendary rock band U2 is somewhat one-dimensional in his guitar work, at least from what I've heard (it's all been U2), but his body of work is so large and distinct that he deserves mention. I don't know anybody else who has a sound like his. There are some guitarists that, when you hear them play, even if it's a song unfamiliar to you, you just know it's them. The Edge is one of those guys. Like BB King, you just know when he straps on a guitar.

Now judging by my last post on the top guitarists of all time, I'm going to get a lot of flack for this list. But guess what? It's my list. And I didn't call it the "best guitarists of all time." I called it "My Favorite Musicians Who Happen To Play Guitar" so I feel justified in putting each of the above guys on the list.

After all, I like listening to them and isn't that what music is all about?

Kindergartner suspended for Mohawk - Education-

6 year old suspended because he has a mohawk
WTF? What the hell is wrong with school administrators these days? This 6 year old was suspended because he has a mohawk.

Kindergartner suspended for Mohawk - Education-

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Testing the Spaghetti

Hillary Clinton is really starting to look desperate. From her "woe is me" campaign cries, to her "they don't like me because I'm a girl," to her campaign's most likely use of a smear campaign against Obama, she is trying EVERYTHING to discredit Barack Obama.

She's a career politician, in bed (perhaps not quite literally) with a career politician; she's dirty, vile, and grasping for anything that will pull her out of the quick sand.

She's throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nut Job Ralph Nader Running for President

Perennial presidential candidate and whack job Ralph Nader is running for president...again! He's been running for prez since 1992 and people, surprisingly, will still vote for him.

Just heard it on MSNBC. Apparently, he made the announcement on Meet the Press.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

John McCain Has Some Explaining To Do

Looks like presidential hopeful and Republican only-runner John McCain is in a little tepid water, as it appears that he's been dealing with the lowlifes he's been chastising for years.

I don't have time right now to go through all the (seamy) details, but suffice it to say that Senator McCain, like Lucy many years before on television, has some 'splainin' to do.

Read more here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

College at Stanford Is Now Effectively FREE

An announcement from Stanford University makes it clear that money is less an object now than ever in getting into the college (qualifications like grades, extra-curricular activities, and entrance exams still apply).

This is wonderful news. I've always subscribed to the idea that if you qualify academically, you, your family, and the institution will figure out a way to pay for it. Now, there's less figuring and more reason to apply yourself in your studies and community work.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich � College at Stanford is now effectively free. So what’s your excuse?

Gripe Water Recall - Cincinnati breaking news, weather radar, traffic from 9News | Channel 9

Another baby product recall, this time with one of my all-time favorite "miracle elixirs," gripe water. So far, only one case has been identified (but if it's your baby, one is the only one that matters) and only one lot from one manufacturer --

Baby's Bliss
Apple flavor
Expiration date of October 2008 (10/08)
Code number 26952V

Gripe Water Recall - Cincinnati breaking news, weather radar, traffic from 9News | Channel 9

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Kids Are On the Juice

Took my 4 month old to the docs yesterday. He weighs almost 20 pounds and he's 26 1/2 inches tall. He's off the charts on both measurements. The pediatrician says he's the size of a 7 month old.

My two year old was the same way. Now he's a string bean.

Life's Certainties: Death, Taxes, and Leaf Blowing

The old adage that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes needs to be appended. I don't care where the economy is headed, whether it's raining, snowing, or sunny out, leaf blowers will always be out in force at 7am.

McCain Is Not Very Nice

Reportedly, John McCain told a Chelsea Clinton joke the other day. I hope he gets "suspended" like David Shuster. But he won't. These politicians really stick together, even when they go after each other's family.

McCain's joke:

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno.

There, I said it. I admit, it's funny. But it's also not very presidential, is it? One gets the feeling that if elected, McCain will be like that uncle you're embarrassed about when he comes over for holiday dinner and farts during the prayer and then laughs out loud about it and goes on to tell you a joke about the dyke, the clown, and the priest.

According to Salon, not many papers or news outlets are reporting on this. I wonder why? Is there a vast right wing conspiracy? Is the press biased towards the right wing?

I I don't. Of course, the press is biased. Kudos to for writing about it.

Salon Newsreal | A joke too bad to print?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Larry Kudlow: McCain's Going To Be President

Larry Kudlow writes that John McCain will be our next president, observing that the "Reagan Democrats" and independents will flock to McCain and flee from Obama or Clinton.

He could be right.

Now I'm scared. McCain is s screwball. Oh, he talks like he's anti-Washington, but he's totally Washington. He hasn't done anything that isn't Washington DC his whole adult life.

I do admit, the guy is the comeback kid. Thrice. Tortured for years as a Vietnam POW, McCain survived to live another day.

In 2000, when the campaign staff of our esteemed president floated the "fact" that McCain fathered a non-white babay, he was left for dead again.

Now, in 2007-08, his campaign war chest a broken dream, McCain kept on going with literally no money and not much of a staff.

Now he seems to be the likely Republican nominee. And he could storm the White House.

America likes an underdog. They like the McCain that the press portrays: Anti Washington maverick. War hero. Campaign finance reformist. Strong on defense.

I hope the media portrayal of John McCain is true. I just doubt that it is. If anybody's profited from his relationship with DC, it's John McCain.

Clinton Slams MSNBC and Shuster

MSNBC's David Shuster, guest-hosting the really crappy Tucker show, got into some trouble when he said that Hillary's daughter, her mom's campaign whore, was being pimped out by the Clinton campaign.

I guess the truth hurts, and abused women, like abused dogs, bite back.

Clinton is using her family to campaign for her. She simply isn't strong enough to do it on her own. So she pissed all over Shuster, who should be smart enough to know not to say such things on air, by writing a letter to NBC News' president. Shuster has been suspended and most likely will lose his job.

But here's the deal: Webster defines "pimp" as "to make use of often dishonorably for one's own gain or benefit." Isn't that exactly what Chelsea's mom is doing? Maybe not dishonorably, but certainly for one's own gain or benefit.

I'm tired of people getting called to the carpet by the press who get all pissy and whine to the dumbass execs of the news company, who always cave in and fire the reporter for his or her literal use of the words to explain the facts. Even if Shuster meant what he said in the pejorative sense, i.e., "the woman of the night" way, should he be punished? It's a fact that he's not an objective reporter -- his numerous pieces will confirm that for you. He has opinions and he says them. His "reporting" is always biased and his employer must relish this fact because, until now, it has put him in the lead on so many stories.

But that doesn't matter. What he said is literally true. And now Hillary is falling back on her "I'm a mother first, a politician second" crap. She's a whiner and the last thing we need is a Whiner in Chief.

Hillary rips MSNBC's Shuster - Kenneth P. Vogel and Michael Calderone -

Friday, February 08, 2008

Britney Spears and Elvis: Similar Fates?

As a life-long Elvis fan, I was deeply saddened the day of August 16, 1977, when my mother came home from work and told me Elvis had died. I was 10. I loved the guy.

I was later dismayed to find that he had been addicted to all sorts of drugs. When your idol falls and is exposed for some of his misdeeds, it's hard to stomach. For years, I buried my head in the sand about Elvis' drug use.

Fast forward to today. Millions of little girls and middle-aged men love Britney Spears. She's hot, knows how to move, has catchy tunes, and is a mega millionaire.

She also likes to show her hootchie in public, has lost custody of her children to a loser, and has attempted suicide. She no doubt is strung out on drugs. To show how bad it's gotten for her, her family asked Dr Phil for help!

I wonder if Britney will end up the same way as Elvis?

Dead on the toilet

Hillary Clinton Puts Tears Up For Sale on eBay


Hills has put her tears up for sale on eBay.
In a bold strategy to raise funds for her cash-strapped presidential campaign, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that she was selling her own tears on the popular auction site eBay.
The Borowitz Report .com

WaMu leaders to profit even if stock stays low

I'm really getting tired of these scoundrels taking money from shareholders. More later when I gain composure.

Business & Technology | WaMu leaders to profit even if stock stays low | Seattle Times Newspaper
WM Directors Targeted for Removal in Proxy Fight

Thursday, February 07, 2008

NEWSFLASH: Mitt Romney Bails Out of Presidential Race

Mitt Romney just dropped out of the race for Republican nominee for President.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Presidential Race: Who's Winning, Does It Matter?

The most unlikely leader of the Republican race for the White House is John McCain. A few months ago, he was on his way out: No money, losing badly in the polls, on the "wrong side" of key issues (immigration and soft money, to name two).

Now, he's leading the charge. Everybody on the Republican side, save for Romney, Paul, and McCain are out. It's a three dog race, with one dog taking up the rear (Paul) while Romney figures out what he's doing. McCain simply sticks to his message and wins.

On the other side, there are only two dogs left in the race: Clinton and Obama. Obama is clearly the leader for change, Clinton the leader for status quo. In the world of the Great Gatsby, she's old money; Obama is new money.

Tomorrow will most likely spell out the eventual winners on both sides. If McCain or Romney sweep a bunch of states, they most likely will win their party's nomination. Same goes for Clinton or Obama.

The clear losers in both races are John Edwards on the Dem's side and Rudy Giuliani on the Repo's side. Giuliani was so far ahead in the national polls, it's hard to figure why he got trounced so soundly in the early races, except for the fact that he didn't seem to want to win those early states. He put all his money in the Florida basket, and Floridians let him down.

Edwards lost his home state. The message couldn't have been any clearer for him. Voters simply didn't buy his story.

I think either of those fellows may become the lead dogs for the VP role. Time will tell. Tomorrow will be fun.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

State of the Union Address, Idiocracy Translation

This is kinda funny. I watched this Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy, a few months ago. Prophetic? Perhaps. Funny? Absolutely.

Here's President Bush's State of the Union speech, translated Idiocracy-style. Lest you think this is a slam on Bush's speech, it is not. It is a slam on the dumbing-down of society.

It seems we get dumber every year.

State of the Union Address, Idiocracy Translation

Friday, February 01, 2008

Rants - February 1, 2008

Welcome to the February 1, 2008 edition of Rants. Like in previous months, January got the best of me! I was going to post these submissions a handful at a time, perhaps in categories, but it never happened, so I apologize -- again -- for the really long post!

With that said, let's just dive right in.

Thomas K presents MUTE Politics posted at The Sporadical, saying, "Blogging the Arts of Absurdity: misfit poetry, video, music, photos; surreal satirical philosophy; and savagely mutated gonzo journalism. Stir the pot."

Tony Howell
presents Dear Mainstream Media: Please Stop Reporting on School Shootings posted at The Scholarpreneur, saying, "Tony writes an open letter to the mainstream media and why they're harming America."

blue skelton
presents John Stewart Crosses the Picket Line posted at Blue Skelton Publications, saying, "John Stewart made a douchebag move and crossed the picket line but neither Blue Skelton nor the rest of his fans can hold that against him."

presents Is it to accept or ignore posted at Fruit Punch Diary.

Samuel Bryson
presents Free Market Economy/Classical Liberalism Vs. The Welfare State – Which is the better ideal? posted at Total Wellbeing.

presents What Went Wrong With the US Economy? posted at Economics Essays, saying, "An analysis of why the American economy has missed so many opportunities leaving the economy in dire straits"

Doug Ragan
presents A Simple Fix For The US Economy posted at I'm A Pundit Too, saying, "We have had too many short term fixes from our government. It is time to look long term in respect to interest rates and taxes."

presents Mrs. Clinton's Economic Action Plan posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Douglas Ragan
presents 35 Years of Roe vs. Wade, Have We Learned Anything? posted at I'm A Pundit Too, saying, "In January of 1973, the abortion debate became a centerpiece in American political campaigns for many years to come. The landmark ruling of the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade has sparked more debate and controversy than any other political issue over the ensuing 35 years."

presents Redistribution of Health posted at Government is not your Daddy..

presents What?s Wrong With This Picture? posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Samuel Bryson
presents Virtual Reality – Step Into This Giant Hamster Wheel, the Future Awaits... posted at Total Wellbeing.

presents jaypross1: We are so Gullible posted at jaypross1.

Shaun Connell presents UK Gun Ban posted at The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation.

Ian Welsh
presents Taking Stock In the Last Year of Bush posted at The Agonist, saying, "Bush's presidential legacy is deep and broad and effects virtually everything in the federal government. The real question as we enter the last Year of Bush is how permanent his legacy will be. On this day before Iowans make their choice, this day at the beginning of the end of Bush, it is my hope that the worst of Bush's legacies, the horrible fear that has made America pull inwards, has led it into the darkness of torture and pre-emptive war, is in its last year too."

Sholom Anarchy
presents 21st Century's most treasonous American shits on Constitution again posted at Anarcho-Judaism, saying, "Rights are not given, they are fought for and exercised!"

Carole G. McKay
presents China, the Olympics and the S.P.C.A. posted at McKay Today, saying, "Never underestimate the real power of a woman scorned."

Ian Welsh
presents You Get the Politicians You Deserve posted at The Agonist, saying, "John Edwards didn't let anyone down in Iowa. But a lot of people who were John Edwards's natural allies let him down. Bloggers were apathetic poseurs across the board, and labor unions "triangulated" instead of pushing the most pro-union candidate to a win. Hope you're all happy."

Sean-Paul Kelley
presents John Edwards: The Future Is Now posted at The Agonist, saying, "It is time we pulled America into the future and the man to do this is John Edwards."

Ian Welsh
presents The Glorious Future that American Unions Walked Away From posted at The Agonist, saying, "Unions could have played kingmakers in this election, creating a better future for all of us. Instead, they decided to be ass-kissers."

Nick Pernisco presents China… you can’t have it both ways! posted at Understand Media Blog, saying, "This blog post deals with the media's rising amount of propaganda against China."

presents The U.N. Thinks Greenwashing is a Big Problem posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Ian Welsh
presents Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening posted at The Agonist, saying, "Our financial system has given us two financial bubbles and 30 years in which the average American hasn't had a raise and has taken on debt. A lot of people have gotten rich, and for them these last 30 years have been great, which is why there's a bipartisan consensus amongst the people who matter in both parties to keep going what has been, for them, the best of all possible times. There'll be a lot more rich in America, but odds that you'll be one of them are near zero."

presents The War on Higher Education: Faculty on Food Stamps posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "It's a sad world when college and university students earn many times more than their professors do for teaching them, but that's the fact these days. Watch this disturbing video and then decide whether this country values higher education."

Jason Hughey
presents Nicaragua's Bravery posted at Logical Consistency, saying, "In October of 2007, the Associated Press wrote a deceptive article on Nicaragua's abortion ban. Read about the response of three prominent Nicaraguans who exposed the article as 'misleading and grossly inaccurate.'"

presents Sudden Death In Pakistan! posted at, saying, "Fantastic foreign policy blunders in Pakistan, which the State Department believes is just the New Hampshire primary with turbans"

T Ellis presents Abolish the Welfare State posted at evanescent, saying, "The idea of collectivism and redistribution of wealth is immoral and should be illegal."

presents Hey Legislators! Let's make a Minimum 24-hour Jail Stay Mandatory posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

presents Will the Real Economy Please Stand Up? (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Shaun Connell
presents Wealth and Poverty posted at Reason and Capitalism, saying, "Explains how most economists misunderstand the whole idea of economics -- wealth is unnatural."

presents Libertarian, No Chaser « Government is not your Daddy. posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Christine presents High School, Hair Color and Choices posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, "Does her hair color bother you? Good!"

presents Turning a $55,000 Salary into a Zero Tax Liability posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Phil B.
presents A Few Humble Suggestions to Get Out of this Recession <<> posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "The harsh truth is that the United States of America is probably in a recession… maybe even a depression."

Michael Bass
presents Dave Ramsey, Peter Schiff, and decline of U.S. Economy. posted at Debt Prison, saying, "There are two distinct differences in their perspectives concerning our U.S. Economy and monetary policy that I find puzzling."

presents Why Your Vote Really Doesn’t Matter posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Avant News
presents Mike Huckabee Blamed For Surge in "Artful Dodgers" posted at Avant News.

Dawn Xiana Moon
presents "The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls." posted at Dawn Xiana Moon: Randomness.

Shaun Connell
presents Legislate Morality! posted at Reason and Capitalism, saying, "Satire on legislating morality."

presents The Right Kind of Government Handouts posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

presents 100 Comical and Outrageous Political Quotes posted at Election Tees News, saying, "You will find a pretty good chuckle from these"

Shaun Connell presents The Australian Gun Ban posted at The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation.

Madeleine Begun Kane
presents Dear Editor: Enough With The Polls, Already! posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

presents Atlas Will Shrug posted at Life, the Universe, and Everything, saying, "We sit back enjoying our lives as modern technology has made possible, but our fear of change will bring society to a screeching halt very very soon."

Jay Ross
presents Back to the ranting posted at The Ross Family, saying, "My re-entry to the blogsphere."

BeThisWay presents Politics is a Big Pile of Moose Poopy posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Mission Rock Star
presents Arnold Schwarzenegger?s Take On Modesty posted at Mission: Rock Star.

Wenchypoo presents My Two Cents' Worth--The Only Political "Change" You'll Get From Me posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

presents jaypross1: Lack of reasoning posted at jaypross1.

presents Insidious Mind games posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "Make the Bad People stop!"

Carole G. McKay
presents Mistaken Identity posted at McKay Today, saying, "How fear-based thinking acts as a distraction from experiencing the power of diversity within a context of unity."

Heidi Whitaker
presents Viral Blogging: What is the Price of Profiting from the Politics of Bigotry and Hate? posted at Work from Home Choices, saying, "Rant about how political rants are hurting our country."

Dob Bole
presents Preventing A Recession by Ending the Iraq War posted at FedUpAmerican, saying, "A proposal to prevent a U.S. recession by bringing home the money we're spending on war."

presents Call me Scrooge « Government is not your Daddy. posted at Government is not your Daddy.

NotYourDaddy presents Life, Liberty, and Sitcoms posted at Government is not your Daddy.

The Good Tax Helper presents Don't Forget: Freedom Ain't Really Free posted at TAX FACTS, saying, "A short rant on taxes and why they deserve some respect (sometimes)."

presents jaypross1: More green lunacy posted at jaypross1.

Peter Jones
presents Ironies in the American Life: New Book Rants About All posted at Great New Books that Are a Must Read.

Steve Faber
presents - Ways to Waste Money posted at DebtBlog, saying, "Another great example of our government doing what's best for us."

Logan Flatt, CFA presents's 2007 Person of the Year: U.S. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas posted at, saying, "'s 2007 Person of the Year is U.S. Congressman (and Medical Doctor) Ron Paul from Texas, who is actively running the most revolutionary campaign for President in modern U.S. history. Here's why Dr. Paul deserves the honor."

blue skelton
presents Mike Huckabee Monologue posted at This Wasted Monologue, saying, "Scene: The Present, Disney World – Florida. A man, who is sick of both Disney and Mike Huckabee snaps and takes out his aggressions on a Donald Duck mascot."

Charles H. Green
presents Lessons in Sales from John McCain posted at Trust Matters, saying, "The secret to John McCain's appeal is his transparency and openness. It's the same secret many of the best salespeople use."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Rants using our carnival submission form.

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