Friday, May 26, 2006

Why NSA spying puts the U.S. in danger

An opinion piece by a former NSA analyst (Ira Winkler) brings to light several reasons why the NSA spying, wiretapping, and phone record collecting is a serious threat to the safety of US citizens. Not only does the spying without warrants break the law, it is an opportunity cost in terms of fighting serious crimes like child pornography, organized crime, and missing person cases.

In brief, federal agents (FBI) are being removed from existing cases with solid leads and being put onto "terrorist" cases that amount to wild goose chases. It's dispicable what is going on, and he further points out that nobody (i.e., YOU and ME) don't seem to care. At least, we don't care enough to hold our president and his administration accountable.

That's what's missing from today's American society: Accountability. When the president is asked if he's made any mistakes and what could be done about them, he can't think of any. To this day, I don't think he's admitted a single mistake. I am sure you, the careful reader, will correct me if I'm wrong on that one. And I will admit it when you prove that I'm wrong.

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