Friday, March 20, 2009

WTF Is Wrong with People?

Woman leaves newborn on plane. That's bad, immoral, criminal, insane, horrible.

Reports: Woman gave birth, left baby on plane
Media reports said the mother left the baby in a bathroom waste bin on the Pacific Blue plane carrying 150 passengers; others said she was spotted with bloodied clothes in an immigration line. Police have declined comment on the reports.
What the hell was she thinking? Obviously, on one level, she wasn't. But on another level...did she think nobody would notice?
  • Fat lady walks in bathroom
  • Thin, smelly, stinky lady walks out
Really? You didn't think anyone would spot that?

You're not only fucked in the head, you're worse than a bitch, you're a murderer (or at least you tried), and you're stupid.

They need to put her away for good.