Tuesday, October 05, 2004

They Lie about Everything

Dick Cheney claimed that he met Senator John Edwards for the first time at tonight's debate. The implication was that Edwards is a newbie senator and/or he doesn't show up much in Washington (further implying that he has missed lots of votes).

Of course, even this rather innocuous claim is false. Cheney personally thanked Edwards at a Senate prayer a few years ago. They also were in the same location when Cheney swore in Elizabeth Dole a couple years ago.

Here's the question of the day: If the Vice President cannot tell the truth about something trivial like when he and Edwards met, how can you believe him about serious issues with potentially disastrous and damning effects?

Or, put another way, if you do believe Dick Cheney about matters of national import, you must have a lot of blind faith, for your eyes aren't open and probably never will be.


R Gumm said...

With the amount everyone in this administration has lied to us, their unaccountability in the press, our overwhelming recognition of it, their ability to just not give a shit after a lie goes public and just not talk to anyone or change the story and lay blame or claim stupidity. I think we are witnessing an end to the way things were.
Clinton was impeached for publicly stating a lie while President (in the oath of office their is a lying clause). But since this Presidents political party controls both the house and the senate no accountability is held.
We need something.