Thursday, January 25, 2007

Genarlow Wilson sentenced 10 years

UPDATE: This is one of the most heart-wrenching stories I've ever read. No doubt, many thousands of people have done exactly what he's done. With one exception:

Genarlow Wilson is spending 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

When he was 17, he received oral sex from a consenting 15 year-old. The act was caught on tape. This is the kicker: If he'd had sexual intercourse with her, he would have been guilty of a misdemeanor. But since he received oral sex from her, he had committed a felony.

Georgia wins the award for the most backassward state in the Union for this one. The Georgia legislature even passed a new law after Wilson received his 10 year sentence. Oral sex is no longer a felony. But they didn't make the law retroactive, even though the law was written specifically out of Wilson's conviction.

Wilson was offered a deal: Admit to the crime and get less than 10 years. He took his chances with a jury trial. The jury had to convict him; under the law, he had committed a felony. This is clearly a case where everybody "did his job." Therein lies the rub. Now he's a sex offender with some of the best potential years of his life lost -- FOREVER.

Seriously, this is the scariest thing I've heard. And I think it's because he's black. A white school teacher was convicted of having sex with a student. She received 90 days.

The county District Attorney's office has the ability to set aside the conviction and set Wilson free, but they won't do it. They seem to be suffering from an overinflated ego. They want him to admit he did wrong, that he molested a little girl (she was 15 and admitted to initiating the act).

I wish some high profile people, besides Mark Cuban, would look into this. Perhaps George Bush could do one noble, moral, honest, and right thing: Pardon the kid. - E-Ticket: Outrageous Injustice

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