Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'd pay to see Geraldo Rivera fight Keith Olbermann

Geraldo has called out Keith Olbermann, to which Olbermann replied, "Geraldo, you should not give me a hard time. I can still remember when you were a big deal ... back when I was a kid."

Geraldo Rivera hasn't been the same since he got smacked in the sniffer with a chair on his daytime TV talk show quite a few years ago. The episode was about the KKK and other white supremest groups, where one of the manly white men called a black man Uncle Tom. Then fists flew, chairs flew, and Geraldo stood there with a broken nose.

But I digress. Rivera seems to be a wannabe Ernest Hemingway, but he's not nearly as manly (there, I said it. "Manly." Twice in the same post). He'd better watch out, though: He may have to back up his manly words with his fists. Remember, Geraldo's not very good at backing up his boisterous claims (remember Al Capone's vault?!).

Orlando Sentinel - Geraldo wants to whoop up on Olbermann by
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