Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SUVs for Business Are Big Tax Savers This Year -

Wow. We needed this. A redo of the 2001 (I think) tax break that phased out a few years ago, where people can almost fully write off the entire cost of their GI-MONGOUS SUV that they use "for business."

Gas at nearly $4 a gallon = Congress passes a law, that dumbass Bush signs, that encourages people to buy big, honkin' road hogs. Brilliant!

SUVs for Business Are Big Tax Savers This Year -


BoBo said...

Works for me!!! I for one am glad it's been instituted and passed by the government. They never should have phased it out to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Works for me too. Just bought a Hummer H3 "for business." :D

billspaced said...

I saw a Hummer H2 the other day for $20k. I could push it with a Prius and get the best of both worlds!

Seriously, if you want a Hummer, now seems the time. Nobody else wants to, and if you use it for "business" you can not only deduct the expense, but also the gas (tax rules are 58.5 cents per mile, or FREE) -- see this story for the full low-down.