Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nader Is No Perot?

National DebtI didn't really like Ross Perot, but he made politics fun for a while. His "It's just this simple!" and graphs and charts just didn't cut it for me. He tried to bring his corporate America into the American political system; it was a good try, but not good enough.

Ralph Nader announced his entry into his 100th presidential race a while back. I don't know what this guy is thinking. His head must be as big as Ecuador.

Nevertheless, the next president has this fun to deal with:
Bush inherited a $236 billion surplus, while the next president will inherit a deficit likely to top $400 billion. Federal debt, which fell to 57 percent of gross domestic product during the Clinton administration, is back up to about 68 percent, the highest percentage since the 1950s. Interest on the federal debt tops $200 billion a year, so we have to move quickly to avoid losing ground. Moreover, deficits are increasingly being financed by other countries, making us increasingly vulnerable to their agendas.
Not only the deficit and debt, but also Social Security, Medicare, national defense, the Iraq quagmire, the Afghanistan "We'll get him dead or alive, or not" campaign to catch bin Laden.

Sheesh. It could make a girl cry. And maybe it will, though that would take a snowball surviving in hell first.

Alice M. Rivlin and Michael O'Hanlon - A Campaign In Need of A Perot -