Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Held for Possession of Viagra without a Prescription

Rush Limbaugh continues to have problems with law enforcement and possession of drugs without prescriptions or with dubiously obtained prescriptions (i.e., "doctor shopping") -- he apparently was returning from the Dominican Republic when his luggage was searched at the Palm Beach International Airport and law enforcement agents found a bottle of Viagra with his doctor's name as the patient.

Now, this brings up some interesting questions:

-- Does Rush Limbaugh have erectile dysfunction?
-- Does Rush Limbaugh always skirt the legal system when it comes to drugs? What about other matters? Does he drive drunk? Does he steal? Does he embezzle?
-- How many other laws has Limbaugh broken? Law enforcement is not perfect and therefore one has to assume if they've caught him 8 times, hypothetically, then he's done something illegal more often than that.
-- What does this mean for the doctors involved? Apparently, one of his doctors was listed as the patient and another of his doctors was listed as the prescribing doctor. Shouldn't BOTH of them be prosecuted, too?