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Rants -- June 1, 2008

RantsWelcome to the June 1, 2008 edition of Rants.

Doug Ragan
presents My Presidential Campaign ? Oil and the Environment posted at I'm A Pundit Too, saying, "I am putting together a series of posts regarding my Presidential Campaign Platform. I am not actually running for President of the US for a few reasons. One reason is that I am 33. Another reason is that I have no political experience. And lastly, I am a very reasonable person who does not enjoy lying, therefore no one would ever vote for me. The first part of this series will be the issue of oil and the environment."

I look forward to this series. I've been a reader of Doug's for some time now and I thoroughly enjoy his writing. This is sure to be a great series of posts. Too bad he's not qualified :)
presents VERY Bad Socialization posted at Lorem Ipsum, saying, "Adso rants about the horrible treatment given a five-year-old whose kindergarten teacher had the kids vote him out of the class."

Wow. Harsh. And deserving of a firing, at the very least.

Nick Pardini presents Rational Rants with Nick Pardini posted at Common Sense Magazine, saying, "Do you want to listen to thoughtful political opinion beyond the mainstream media? Are you tired of hearing the same statist rhetoric and political correctness that are prevalant? Then I think you like to listen for some more rational rant. Rational Rants with Nick Pardini is an audio podcast that investigates current issues in news, politics, and society combined with the opinions of Nick Pardini. With his candid analysis, insightful commentary, and in-depth interviews, Rational Rants provides a full perspective of key issues from a common sense, Republican viewpoint. In addition Nick, guests and supplementary analysts also provide . In addition to politics and societal issues, Rational Rants also delves into the wide worlds of economics, history, business, and sports along with Nick's occasional life lesson. The show consistently remains current with the news by constant updates twice a week so stay tuned regularly."

Sounds very appealing.

Lisa Spinelli
presents ExxonMobil: a $123 Billion Dollar Embarassment | Greener Pastures: Personal Finance posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Bush & Oil Companies in Bed TogetherOil companies' profits have been at record levels for quite some time; each quarter seems to bring a new record. Oil prices, and hence gasoline prices, have risen very rapidly. The White House is occupied by an oil man and the automaton running the country is an oil man.

Coincidence? I think not.

Holly Ord
presents The Message is Simple posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Michael Snyder
presents 10 Powerful Secrets For How To Build A Great Marriage posted at Shattered Paradigm.

Madeleine Begun Kane
presents The Outgoing Message I'd Love To (But Probably Shouldn't) Leave On My Answering Machine (Limerick) posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

presents Five Things We Learn from Jim Silante's Prayer at the GOP Dinner posted at Entertaining Life.

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Greener Pastures said...

Thank you for posting my article. Your site was a great find for me! I love reading rants, whether I'm in agreement or not!

I'll be linking your post back to my carnival round up in a day or two.


The Author said...

Thanks for posting me. I'm working on the second article right now. I'm dealing with health care. Should be done this week.

Holly said...

Thanks a lot for including my post!

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Thanks for including my entry! I'll be providing a link to the carnival on two of my sites.

I also gave you a stumble!


Enjoy your weekend.

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Awesome posts, everybody! Thanks for contributing. Keep them coming.

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