Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone is famous for putting out lists, and this one is sure to stir some comments and emotions. It is the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time," and it contains some whoppers sure to piss off some folks.

For example, Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones comes in at #5. WTF?

Johnny B. Goode tops the list. I can go with that. But Born to Run at #14? I mean, I love the song and I love the Boss, but Born is not a great guitar song. It may be in the Top 100, but #14? C'mon!

AC/DC's Back in Black is #29? Huh? How about #1??? That's got to be one of the greatest opening riffs of any song EVER! Damn.

Anyway, enjoy. I encourage comments. Be nice, but tell it like it is. Check out the new sidebar widget from Amazon called MP3 Clips -- it has a few of the songs that made the list. If you'd like me to add a song, tell me.

Thanks for playin'.