Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WTF Is It With People Throwing Lit Cigarettes Out of Their Cars?

Why do people think it's okay to thow lighted cigarettes out of their cars? What possesses a person to do such a thing?

First, it's littering. Do you throw out hamburger wrappers, drink cups, and plastic bags? You do? You need to pay a fine, you freakin' litterbug!

Maybe somebody needs to pick that crap up and rub it in your face!

Second, since a ton of fires have been started this way, I'd say that anybody throwing out a burning cigarette, cigar, pipe, or anything else on fire ought to be charged with attempted arson.

Then go burn in hell, why don't you, if you think arson is so cool.

I've written about this before, in a post entitled, "Today's RANT: SMOKERS."

And don't tell me it's your right, or "every other smoker does it." It's NOT and they don't. My mom has been smoking since a teenager (yeah, she's lucky and stupid) and I have NEVER seen her litter. In fact, when she stamps out a cigarette, she picks it up and puts it in her pocket until she finds a suitable container to put it in.

WTF is wrong with you guys?


Anonymous said...

Let me add this too -- that the "cotton" tip is not actually cotton. It's something like fiberglass, but whatever it is, it's not biodegradable. You might have some excuse for ditching your half-smoked butt if you were rollin' your own...but not much.

billspaced said...

good to know! It's even worse than I surmised!