Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rants - April 22, 2009

Welcome to the April 22, 2009 edition of Rants.

Gavin R. Putland presents Employment tax credits: the 'marginal' approach to full employment posted at On Line Opinion. 

NotYourDaddy presents Taxpayer Tea Parties All Across the Nation posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, "If the founding fathers could have even imagined the plethora of laws, regulations, ordinances, taxes, licenses, permits, fees, etc. that we are subject to today, and which are constantly increasing, they would roll over in their graves." 

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Republican Road To Remedial Math posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness. 

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Does Your Guilt Spring Eternal? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog. 

Greg Laden presents Greg Laden's Blog : From Graduate School to Prison: What is the rational argument for ELF or ALF? posted at Greg Laden's Blog. 

David Lamb presents Are Keynesian Solutions a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? posted at Killer Buffalo. 

Wenchypoo presents Why the Scum Always Seems to Rise to the Top posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket. 

Archvillain presents Liberty Wept posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "Since when are the police allowed to treat citizens like "the enemy"?" 

Aetius Romulous presents Economic Democracy Demands One World Balance posted at ScreamBucket. 

Aaron R presents An Immodest Proposal posted at Aaron Rogier, saying, "Yet another postmortem of the economy." 

Vianney Ausseil presents 32.2 million Americans received food stamps in January! posted at My 2 cents. 

Vianney Ausseil presents Bernie Madoff posted at My 2 cents. 

Vianney Ausseil presents France! France! We hear you! posted at My 2 cents. 

Kristian Bland presents It's Not Easy Not Being Green posted at Coquetting Tarradiddles, saying, "A humorous essay concerning the absurd mentality of many supporters of the "Going Green" movement." 

Papa Boomer presents Double Standards??? Fairness from the Far Left! posted at Consumer Boomer. 

The Whited Sepulchre presents The Whited Sepulchre: A Subtle Suggestion For Senator Charles Grassley posted at The Whited Sepulchre, saying, "Here's a rant about the hypocrisy of one of my least favorite Republicans - Iowa Senator Charles Grassley." 

Shot presents Obama’s New Maginot Line | posted at, saying, "such wounds are most often found on cadavers. The cadavers of victims that evidently tried desperately to defend themselves against violent and deadly attacks, but could not muster enough strength or will to inflict sufficient damage upon the attacker in order to stop the attack. The results often wear a toe tag." 

lavender presents Is it insanitea? posted at News for Freedom Daily. 

Whitney presents I Resolve to Take a Sundancing Shit on Utah posted at Whitney's Joint.

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