Monday, April 13, 2009

War on Pirates

The last administration threw out the window the idea that wars are fought between states; they thought they could wage wars on terrorists. Hence, "The War on Terror."

The current administration is apparently considering a War on Pirates, or more specifically, The War on Pirates off the Somali Coast (WOPOTSC). I didn't know this, but piracy has run rampant. There are more than a dozen ships with over 200 crew currently held hostage by these pirates.

The Obama administration is considering waging war against these bad guys. From FoxNews (so you know it's true) -
Defense officials said the U.S. military is considering attacks on Somali pirate bases on land and aid for the people there to help stop the hijacking of ships off Africa's coast, reported.
In fact, the war may have already started. I don't have the full story but it seems as if the American ship captain held hostage in a life boat off the coast of Africa was rescued by Navy SEALS. They shot and killed 3 pirates, in the same lifeboat, in the dark of night, and rescued the captain. The covert operation supposedly was approved by President Obama himself.

I was watching Fox News on the telly this weekend (I don't know why, I thought I had it blocked) and there was an "expert panel" all proclaiming that this hostage situation was President Obama's first "test" on the international front.

I'd say he passed, if results matter. They didn't matter during the Bush years, and he always got a pass from the Right Wingnuts.

So, Obama fans rejoice. He passed his first test, all within his first 100 days, with flying colors.

Now let's hope he either destroys the pirates or keeps us the hell out of there. From now on for me, it's all or nothing, baby.