Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Stanley Cup Playoffs Are All Set!

The NHL's second season (and almost as long) begins tonight, and it looks like a whale of a playoff. I love hockey, especially the post-season because everything is on the line. I'm a Sharks fan, and I really hope they do well this year.

They won the President's Trophy this year as the team with the most points. Can they parlay that into a Stanley Cup championship?

To me, it's doubtful. Maybe it's because they've always shown so much promise and failed to deliver. The past few years have been real heart breakers. But at least they're no longer saddled with Mr Lackluster (Ron Wilson); they have a new coach, Todd McLellan, from the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings.

As you may recall, I called for Wilson's firing on at least one occasion and it finally happened last year after their horrible showing in the playoffs.

But I'm still skeptical. This team has the best talent in the league: They're BIG, FAST, and TOUGH. At the beginning of the season, they had a LOT of Shots of Goal. But that all tapered off near the end.

I joke with my wife, who is a bigger Sharks fan than me, that they haven't played since December. She retorts, "Naw, they haven't played well since February."

In any event, I hope I'm wrong about doubting them.

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