Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gonzales on the hot seat again -- this time for lying under oath

"Alberto" Gonzales has got to go. It's about time he walk away to save whatever he's got left of his dignity. It's clear that he tried to subvert the office and department he now heads. He's nothing more than Bush's lap lawyer.

At the time, Comey — in Ashcroft's absence — had refused to certify the legality of Bush's eavesdropping program. Gonzales tried to go over Comey's head by appealing directly to Ashcroft, who lay in an intensive care unit recovering from gall bladder surgery, Comey said. Ashcroft rebuffed Gonzales, Comey said.
The Attorney General lied under oath when he testified before Congress in 2006 when he said that there had been no serious questions about the NSA wiretapping program, which seems obviously against the law.

Democrats said his testimony appeared to contradict Gonzales' account in February 2006, when he told two congressional panels that there had "not been any serious disagreement about the program."
If Ashcroft, then AG, Comey, then acting AG, Mueller, director of the FBI, and two senior members of the Justice Department, all who disagreed with the program -- in fact, called it illegal -- cannot be considered "serious disagreement" then I don't know what is.

Gonzales at the very least has very poor judgment. Bush only know how he became America's top cop.

Senators renew call for Gonzales' ouster - Yahoo! News