Thursday, May 10, 2007

More US Attorneys fired than Justice Department reported

Like ants at a picnic, more and more fired US attorneys are appearing on the landscape. This time, Todd Graves from Kansas City, Missouri, was asked to leave "to give someone else a chance." As if this were kindergarten and the issues were finger painting and monkey bars.

Well, with the Bush administration, this might very well be the right metaphor.

Graves didn't make any hay because he had been considering moving back to private practice anyway, but now he's come out to say that he was given "a push."

He did appeal to Missouri's senior senator to try to persuade the White House to allow him to remain long enough to prosecute a final, important case -- involving the slaying of a pregnant woman and kidnapping of her 8-month fetus. Justice officials rejected the request.
What the story doesn't tell us is whether the crimes were ever successfully prosecuted.

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