Monday, February 04, 2008

The Presidential Race: Who's Winning, Does It Matter?

The most unlikely leader of the Republican race for the White House is John McCain. A few months ago, he was on his way out: No money, losing badly in the polls, on the "wrong side" of key issues (immigration and soft money, to name two).

Now, he's leading the charge. Everybody on the Republican side, save for Romney, Paul, and McCain are out. It's a three dog race, with one dog taking up the rear (Paul) while Romney figures out what he's doing. McCain simply sticks to his message and wins.

On the other side, there are only two dogs left in the race: Clinton and Obama. Obama is clearly the leader for change, Clinton the leader for status quo. In the world of the Great Gatsby, she's old money; Obama is new money.

Tomorrow will most likely spell out the eventual winners on both sides. If McCain or Romney sweep a bunch of states, they most likely will win their party's nomination. Same goes for Clinton or Obama.

The clear losers in both races are John Edwards on the Dem's side and Rudy Giuliani on the Repo's side. Giuliani was so far ahead in the national polls, it's hard to figure why he got trounced so soundly in the early races, except for the fact that he didn't seem to want to win those early states. He put all his money in the Florida basket, and Floridians let him down.

Edwards lost his home state. The message couldn't have been any clearer for him. Voters simply didn't buy his story.

I think either of those fellows may become the lead dogs for the VP role. Time will tell. Tomorrow will be fun.


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