Sunday, February 10, 2008

Larry Kudlow: McCain's Going To Be President

Larry Kudlow writes that John McCain will be our next president, observing that the "Reagan Democrats" and independents will flock to McCain and flee from Obama or Clinton.

He could be right.

Now I'm scared. McCain is s screwball. Oh, he talks like he's anti-Washington, but he's totally Washington. He hasn't done anything that isn't Washington DC his whole adult life.

I do admit, the guy is the comeback kid. Thrice. Tortured for years as a Vietnam POW, McCain survived to live another day.

In 2000, when the campaign staff of our esteemed president floated the "fact" that McCain fathered a non-white babay, he was left for dead again.

Now, in 2007-08, his campaign war chest a broken dream, McCain kept on going with literally no money and not much of a staff.

Now he seems to be the likely Republican nominee. And he could storm the White House.

America likes an underdog. They like the McCain that the press portrays: Anti Washington maverick. War hero. Campaign finance reformist. Strong on defense.

I hope the media portrayal of John McCain is true. I just doubt that it is. If anybody's profited from his relationship with DC, it's John McCain.