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Rants - February 1, 2008

Welcome to the February 1, 2008 edition of Rants. Like in previous months, January got the best of me! I was going to post these submissions a handful at a time, perhaps in categories, but it never happened, so I apologize -- again -- for the really long post!

With that said, let's just dive right in.

Thomas K presents MUTE Politics posted at The Sporadical, saying, "Blogging the Arts of Absurdity: misfit poetry, video, music, photos; surreal satirical philosophy; and savagely mutated gonzo journalism. Stir the pot."

Tony Howell
presents Dear Mainstream Media: Please Stop Reporting on School Shootings posted at The Scholarpreneur, saying, "Tony writes an open letter to the mainstream media and why they're harming America."

blue skelton
presents John Stewart Crosses the Picket Line posted at Blue Skelton Publications, saying, "John Stewart made a douchebag move and crossed the picket line but neither Blue Skelton nor the rest of his fans can hold that against him."

presents Is it to accept or ignore posted at Fruit Punch Diary.

Samuel Bryson
presents Free Market Economy/Classical Liberalism Vs. The Welfare State – Which is the better ideal? posted at Total Wellbeing.

presents What Went Wrong With the US Economy? posted at Economics Essays, saying, "An analysis of why the American economy has missed so many opportunities leaving the economy in dire straits"

Doug Ragan
presents A Simple Fix For The US Economy posted at I'm A Pundit Too, saying, "We have had too many short term fixes from our government. It is time to look long term in respect to interest rates and taxes."

presents Mrs. Clinton's Economic Action Plan posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Douglas Ragan
presents 35 Years of Roe vs. Wade, Have We Learned Anything? posted at I'm A Pundit Too, saying, "In January of 1973, the abortion debate became a centerpiece in American political campaigns for many years to come. The landmark ruling of the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade has sparked more debate and controversy than any other political issue over the ensuing 35 years."

presents Redistribution of Health posted at Government is not your Daddy..

presents What?s Wrong With This Picture? posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Samuel Bryson
presents Virtual Reality – Step Into This Giant Hamster Wheel, the Future Awaits... posted at Total Wellbeing.

presents jaypross1: We are so Gullible posted at jaypross1.

Shaun Connell presents UK Gun Ban posted at The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation.

Ian Welsh
presents Taking Stock In the Last Year of Bush posted at The Agonist, saying, "Bush's presidential legacy is deep and broad and effects virtually everything in the federal government. The real question as we enter the last Year of Bush is how permanent his legacy will be. On this day before Iowans make their choice, this day at the beginning of the end of Bush, it is my hope that the worst of Bush's legacies, the horrible fear that has made America pull inwards, has led it into the darkness of torture and pre-emptive war, is in its last year too."

Sholom Anarchy
presents 21st Century's most treasonous American shits on Constitution again posted at Anarcho-Judaism, saying, "Rights are not given, they are fought for and exercised!"

Carole G. McKay
presents China, the Olympics and the S.P.C.A. posted at McKay Today, saying, "Never underestimate the real power of a woman scorned."

Ian Welsh
presents You Get the Politicians You Deserve posted at The Agonist, saying, "John Edwards didn't let anyone down in Iowa. But a lot of people who were John Edwards's natural allies let him down. Bloggers were apathetic poseurs across the board, and labor unions "triangulated" instead of pushing the most pro-union candidate to a win. Hope you're all happy."

Sean-Paul Kelley
presents John Edwards: The Future Is Now posted at The Agonist, saying, "It is time we pulled America into the future and the man to do this is John Edwards."

Ian Welsh
presents The Glorious Future that American Unions Walked Away From posted at The Agonist, saying, "Unions could have played kingmakers in this election, creating a better future for all of us. Instead, they decided to be ass-kissers."

Nick Pernisco presents China… you can’t have it both ways! posted at Understand Media Blog, saying, "This blog post deals with the media's rising amount of propaganda against China."

presents The U.N. Thinks Greenwashing is a Big Problem posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Ian Welsh
presents Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening posted at The Agonist, saying, "Our financial system has given us two financial bubbles and 30 years in which the average American hasn't had a raise and has taken on debt. A lot of people have gotten rich, and for them these last 30 years have been great, which is why there's a bipartisan consensus amongst the people who matter in both parties to keep going what has been, for them, the best of all possible times. There'll be a lot more rich in America, but odds that you'll be one of them are near zero."

presents The War on Higher Education: Faculty on Food Stamps posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "It's a sad world when college and university students earn many times more than their professors do for teaching them, but that's the fact these days. Watch this disturbing video and then decide whether this country values higher education."

Jason Hughey
presents Nicaragua's Bravery posted at Logical Consistency, saying, "In October of 2007, the Associated Press wrote a deceptive article on Nicaragua's abortion ban. Read about the response of three prominent Nicaraguans who exposed the article as 'misleading and grossly inaccurate.'"

presents Sudden Death In Pakistan! posted at, saying, "Fantastic foreign policy blunders in Pakistan, which the State Department believes is just the New Hampshire primary with turbans"

T Ellis presents Abolish the Welfare State posted at evanescent, saying, "The idea of collectivism and redistribution of wealth is immoral and should be illegal."

presents Hey Legislators! Let's make a Minimum 24-hour Jail Stay Mandatory posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

presents Will the Real Economy Please Stand Up? (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Shaun Connell
presents Wealth and Poverty posted at Reason and Capitalism, saying, "Explains how most economists misunderstand the whole idea of economics -- wealth is unnatural."

presents Libertarian, No Chaser « Government is not your Daddy. posted at Government is not your Daddy.

Christine presents High School, Hair Color and Choices posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, "Does her hair color bother you? Good!"

presents Turning a $55,000 Salary into a Zero Tax Liability posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Phil B.
presents A Few Humble Suggestions to Get Out of this Recession <<> posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "The harsh truth is that the United States of America is probably in a recession… maybe even a depression."

Michael Bass
presents Dave Ramsey, Peter Schiff, and decline of U.S. Economy. posted at Debt Prison, saying, "There are two distinct differences in their perspectives concerning our U.S. Economy and monetary policy that I find puzzling."

presents Why Your Vote Really Doesn’t Matter posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Avant News
presents Mike Huckabee Blamed For Surge in "Artful Dodgers" posted at Avant News.

Dawn Xiana Moon
presents "The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls." posted at Dawn Xiana Moon: Randomness.

Shaun Connell
presents Legislate Morality! posted at Reason and Capitalism, saying, "Satire on legislating morality."

presents The Right Kind of Government Handouts posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

presents 100 Comical and Outrageous Political Quotes posted at Election Tees News, saying, "You will find a pretty good chuckle from these"

Shaun Connell presents The Australian Gun Ban posted at The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation.

Madeleine Begun Kane
presents Dear Editor: Enough With The Polls, Already! posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

presents Atlas Will Shrug posted at Life, the Universe, and Everything, saying, "We sit back enjoying our lives as modern technology has made possible, but our fear of change will bring society to a screeching halt very very soon."

Jay Ross
presents Back to the ranting posted at The Ross Family, saying, "My re-entry to the blogsphere."

BeThisWay presents Politics is a Big Pile of Moose Poopy posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Mission Rock Star
presents Arnold Schwarzenegger?s Take On Modesty posted at Mission: Rock Star.

Wenchypoo presents My Two Cents' Worth--The Only Political "Change" You'll Get From Me posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

presents jaypross1: Lack of reasoning posted at jaypross1.

presents Insidious Mind games posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "Make the Bad People stop!"

Carole G. McKay
presents Mistaken Identity posted at McKay Today, saying, "How fear-based thinking acts as a distraction from experiencing the power of diversity within a context of unity."

Heidi Whitaker
presents Viral Blogging: What is the Price of Profiting from the Politics of Bigotry and Hate? posted at Work from Home Choices, saying, "Rant about how political rants are hurting our country."

Dob Bole
presents Preventing A Recession by Ending the Iraq War posted at FedUpAmerican, saying, "A proposal to prevent a U.S. recession by bringing home the money we're spending on war."

presents Call me Scrooge « Government is not your Daddy. posted at Government is not your Daddy.

NotYourDaddy presents Life, Liberty, and Sitcoms posted at Government is not your Daddy.

The Good Tax Helper presents Don't Forget: Freedom Ain't Really Free posted at TAX FACTS, saying, "A short rant on taxes and why they deserve some respect (sometimes)."

presents jaypross1: More green lunacy posted at jaypross1.

Peter Jones
presents Ironies in the American Life: New Book Rants About All posted at Great New Books that Are a Must Read.

Steve Faber
presents - Ways to Waste Money posted at DebtBlog, saying, "Another great example of our government doing what's best for us."

Logan Flatt, CFA presents's 2007 Person of the Year: U.S. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas posted at, saying, "'s 2007 Person of the Year is U.S. Congressman (and Medical Doctor) Ron Paul from Texas, who is actively running the most revolutionary campaign for President in modern U.S. history. Here's why Dr. Paul deserves the honor."

blue skelton
presents Mike Huckabee Monologue posted at This Wasted Monologue, saying, "Scene: The Present, Disney World – Florida. A man, who is sick of both Disney and Mike Huckabee snaps and takes out his aggressions on a Donald Duck mascot."

Charles H. Green
presents Lessons in Sales from John McCain posted at Trust Matters, saying, "The secret to John McCain's appeal is his transparency and openness. It's the same secret many of the best salespeople use."

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