Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack Obama Takes On Switfboaters

I heard the rumor a few weeks ago that there is this "secret tape" in the ether (Karl Rove has it, Obama himself has it) that shows Michelle Obama, Barack's wife, shouting down "whitey" in the same church that the freak Reverend Wright proclaimed, "God Damn, America!"

The rumor is made even juicier by saying Karl Rove will release it as an "October Surprise" while Obama is said to be contemplating "leaking" it himself (well, one of his staffers, most likely) well before the general election, but (now obviously) after he wraps up the nomination.

The Clinton campaign is supposedly convinced that this tape exists, making the rumor even more enticing.

Now I don't know whether such a tape exists or not. But no matter -- Barack Obama clearly believes that a good offense is a good defense, for he's created a site to dispel the rumors, the smears, and the "swiftboating." Read more about it below --

Obama launches online campaign against 'smears' - Yahoo! News
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