Monday, June 16, 2008

Rants -- June 16, 2008

RantsWelcome to the June 15, 2008 edition of Rants.

presents The Frivolous Anarchist posted at Sophistpundit.

presents Want to be rich? Then shut up and listen posted at I Will Not Die.

Keith Wick
presents Signs of Barack Obama posted at Weith Kick.

presents Sex and the City posted at Lines in Books.

presents Obama Will Raise Taxes - McCain Says DRILL! posted at Double Barreled Opinions.

Ian Welsh
presents Clinton’s Legacy: Never Say Die posted at Firedoglake.

Nancy Hayssen
presents The Flat Ab Gym Rant! posted at "Sexy at ANY Size!".

Sammy Benoit presents If Obama Can't Pick Friends? How is He Going to Pick US Allies? posted at YID With LID.

R.Pettinger presents Should Governments Subsidise declining Industries? posted at Economics Essays, saying, "Why it is a waste of time for governments to subsidise industries."

Collin Williams
presents Republic In Distress posted at, saying, "A tale of political corruption from both sides of the aisle... our republic is truly in distress."

Phil B.
presents The 4th of July Pollution >> Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "I think the 4th of July is by far the most polluting day of the year."

Michael Snyder
presents The Picture Of The Hindu God That Barack Obama Carries For Good Luck posted at Shattered Paradigm.

Sammy Benoit presents Israeli Professor "Bitch-Slaps" Arab's Jerusalem Claim On Al-Jazeera posted at YID With LID.

Holly Ord
presents John McCain Doesn’t Support the Troops posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Shan Siddiqi
presents The Supreme Court has "legacies?" posted at Globally Rational.

Sammy Benoit
presents Pat Buchanan-a PUTRID HATER posted at YID With LID.

Allen in Fort Worth presents For The Libertarian Party of Texas posted at The Whited Sepulchre, saying, "here's a YouTube video of Peter Finch giving the greatest rant of all time."

Sammy Benoit presents Democratic Stupidity on Drilling Threatens Our Economy posted at YID With LID.

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