Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bush Iraq strategy, plan "not working" -- Duh!

The Baker "Iraq Study Group" has concluded that Bush's Iraq policies are not working. Well, we paid how much for this 8-month study, a study that will most likely be ignored?

Or, rather than being ignore, Bush might do his famous flip-flopping and hijack the Baker panel's recommendations and claim them as his own, just like he's done with the Department of Homeland Security (initially, he was against such a thing, until he was for it).

In all seriousness, though, it appears that the group has come up with some sound recommendations that maybe Bush will listen to. After all, he's dealing with a man who's far more respected than himself, in James Baker, former Secretary of State under Bush's dad, Poppa Bush. Who knows, the US might be out of Iraq in a couple of years. Hooray! And better yet, the Iraqis might actually then be better off without Saddam (unlike now, where at least they had running water, electricity, and a sewer system).