Thursday, December 21, 2006

Edwards / Obama ticket?

This is the Democrat dream ticket for President 2008. You've got two guys who are relatively inexperienced with government, at least at the national level, so the presumption is they're not jaded or corrupt. They both speak very well and are "every men" looking out for the "commoner." Finally, they are extremely smart gentlemen.

But more importantly, they span a lot of demographic area. Where one doesn't appeal, the other, almost by default, does appeal. This is the ultimate, hedge-your-bet strategy for winning in '08. The Repugnicans have nothing to offer but John "My own party beat me down last time" McCain and Rudy "Bernie Kerik is my kind of guy" Giuliani.

They have no chance of winning, unless Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. While I believe she has the ability to do a fine job as president, I believe she won't be allowed to. But more importantly, not too many people are keen on seeing Hillary in the White House again, this time as official boss. So, she may win the nomination, but she most certainly will not win the race.

Give these two men a chance. I think this thing might shake out well for the both of them. The one thing both have going against them is they're senators. Senators don't become President of the United States.