Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Horror! Congress will work 2+ days per week!!

The new Democratic Congress will be in session five days a week (sure, how long will that last?), according to a recent article at Last year, they worked 103 days. Most of us working stiffs, their employers, work at least 250 days a year, yet most of us don't make what they make.

Here's a quote from a disgruntled Repugnican --
"Marriages suffer. The Democrats couldn't care less about families -- that's what this says," Congressman Jack Kingston told The Washington Post.
I guess they're so important and effective that they can work less than half than us and get more done.

Oh, wait, that's not it. They basically do nothing but write legislation to benefit their friends and family (hello, MCI?) or to banish things like abortion, gayness, and equitable health care.

I love these guys (and gals)! They're champs. Or is that chumps? You decide.