Friday, December 22, 2006

Trump the Chump or is it Chimp?

You've by now heard about the fuss Rosie O'Donnell stirred up with Donald Trump when she critiqued his non-firing of that bikini bimbo, Tara whatshername (sounds like that chick from The Terminator). Rosie said Trump went bankrupt, never paid back his creditors, has a comb-over, etc. All true, by the way. Oh, Trump may not have declared a personal bankruptcy, but his companies (yes, plural) sure have.

I think I even read about it in one of his books, but I digress.

Now, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has joined the fray. It seems that he's still smarting a bit from his loser TV show, The Benefactor, and how Trump's The Apprentice kicked his show's ass. Whatever. Mark Cuban is certainly more business savvy than Trump ever will be.

Donald Trump is George W Bush, without the fit physique. He goes out, creates a business, it fails, owing lots of people money, then daddy comes in and bails his fat ass out. Just like Georgie.

Anyway, Cuban rakes Trump over the coals about his business acumen, and more specifically, his knowledge about technology. It's quite an interesting read. If only Cuban learned how to check his grammar and spelling before he posted, he wouldn't look like such a dummy. But he's clearly not. He just doesn't check before he posts. Kinda like I'm going to do right...NOW.