Friday, May 04, 2007

Bush administration and Justice Department seek to immunize telephone companies

George Bush and "Alberto" Gonzales are at it again -- ripping civil rights from the public it was hired to protect.

This time, they're trying to immunize telecommunications companies from lawsuits due to their freely giving the federal government what they wanted when they wanted it, without any court orders, proof, or cause.

The proposal states that "no action shall lie . . . in any court, and no penalty... shall be imposed...against any person" for giving the government information, including customer records, in connection with alleged intelligence activity the attorney general certifies "is, was, would be or would have been" intended to protect the United States from terrorist attack. The measure, which has not yet been filed, is contained in a proposed amendment to the fiscal 2008 intelligence authorization bill.
Bush and his cronies love to call investigation against them "fishing expeditions." They HATE it when their own investigations fall under the same criticism. But if ever there were a fishing expedition, this one takes the bait.

Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits -