Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bush does not support our troops. Top 10 reasons

If President Bush supported our troops
  1. Would wounded troops fail to receive proper medical treatment?
  2. Would dead soldiers' families fail to receive death benefits (which are paltry by the way)?
  3. Would he send more troops to die?
  4. Would he fail to provide them with necessary body armor?
  5. Would he embolden the enemy by telling them to "bring it on?"
  6. Would he send troops on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th deployments without the requisite time off?
  7. Would he reduce the standards necessary to enlist in the military?
  8. Would he make up stories about heroism (Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch)?
  9. Would he joke about finding weapons of mass destruction?
  10. Would he veto a spending bill that would take care of funding for supplies, body armor, guns, bullets, munitions, health care, etc., for troops in Iraq, on their way home, or already back in the states?
The President clearly does not care about our troops. If he really cared, he'd define the mission, fund it, hold his generals accountable, and bring home the troops as soon as possible.

He's pissed away years fighting this war of his choice. The Christian that he is, he knows where he'll end up when this is all over. I'd feel sorry for him if I weren't so disgusted with the whole thing.

I'm sick of this debate: "I will veto the spending bill." I wish our representatives in Congress had the guts to say to him, "Bring it on. Veto it. I dare you."

And when he does, put out a campaign replete with television, radio, newspaper, and internet ads proclaiming -- quite accurately -- that the President, by definition, does not support the troops he so seemingly proudly professes to command.
Without enough votes to override Bush's veto, Democrats are considering revisions to the bill that will fund the troops but not give the president a blank check. A likely option is demanding the Iraqi government meet certain benchmarks.
F#@$^ benchmarks. The Iraqi government has had enough time to meet every benchmark imaginable. Benchmarks should have been in force since day 1. How were the imbeciles in the Bush administration going to know when we won the war if not for some demonstrable measures that were met or surpassed?

Heck, how do you even know you're out of bed in the morning without feeling your feet on the cold hardwood floor or plush carpet? Do you just will it to be?

Why are our reps so pussified? Did they all grow up wearing panties? It's time to take off the girly pants, grow some nads, and DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

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