Wednesday, May 02, 2007

N-word ban. Is it really necessary?

Do we really need this? I haven't heard anybody use this term for years, except for black people. From the article:

There is a difference, said Leonard Young, 19, of Fort Washington: Racists end the word with an "er," African Americans end it with an "a."

"I don't think it's offensive," said Young, a black computer science major at Prince George's Community College. "It hasn't been offensive since slavery. It's only offensive when people of other races use it."

First of all, if a person wishes to use that word -- any word -- he has every right. It's called the First Amendment or Free Speech. Nobody has to listen.

Second, why is it that black people can say it but not others? What's right with that? By this reasoning, an equally offensive "cracker" or "Okie" can only be uttered by whites, right? If I hear a black person say "Okie," can I have him arrested for hurting my feelings or for having offended me and my ancestors?

Why the double-standard?

Why can't we just stop using the offensive terms as civilized human beings with concern for our brethren (all people)? If you choose to use the term, you've chosen to get your butt kicked by the fellow you called it. It's your choice.

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