Monday, May 07, 2007

The Naked Economist on privatizing the USPS

I really like this economist. He boils down the complex into simplicity. Today, Charles Wheelan talks about selling off the assets of the US Postal Service and privatizing first-class mail delivery.

He's right. This is one of the biggest federal government-run and mandated monopolies and it's an eyesore.

I can remember as a kid, seeing my mailman reading my magazine under my grandparent's walnut tree! That crap still happens. I'm always getting somebody else's mail. I'm sure somebody is getting mine.

The USPS seems to have a pretty good infrastructure; often, I am surprised at the speed at which my mail reaches its intended recipient. However, it's in that "last mile" or really those last few steps where the mail gets lost.

My biggest complaint with the post office: Horrible customer service. It's like postal employees (not all, of course) don't care about you; they're simply on the clock waiting for their federal pension (not sure they get one, but I bet they do). Those long lines at the post office are excruciatingly ridiculous.

So here's to Charles Wheelan for taking up the subject. Thanks!

Privatize the Postal Service (for Starters)