Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton a Liar?

Is Hillary Clinton a liar because her lips are moving or because she's a politician?

She's like Jon Lovitz ("Yeah, that's the ticket. Morgan Fairchild is my wife.") in SNL...can't keep herself from lying. And the bigger the lie, the better.

I'm not one to say she should bow out from the race because she lied (she should bow out because she cannot against McCain), but I will say that we don't need her stupid playground antics in our foreign policy playground. We've got that already in George "Wuss" Bush.

Hillary Says 8-Year-Old Bosnian Girl Was Actually Sniper
Hillary Says She ‘Misspoke’ About Wrestling Bin Laden

This is not funny

Fox News
Washington Post
Reuters on Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not a conservative by nearly anyone's definition, but a big, fat, stinkin' pile of LIE is a big, fat, stinkin' pile of lie no matter if you're on the red side or the blue.

The thing is, I would've been happy to believe her (or at least open up the possibility that she was telling the truth) if she'd said something like, "Hey, I mixed up the names. I forgot that TEZLA was the place with the cute little girl; TRACFONISTAN was the place where they had the sniper fire. Silly me!" Then, of course, the Clinton campaign would have trotted out the Tracfonistan footage of Hillary running from the plane with her hands over her head and Chelsea wearing a flak jacket.

But I notice they didn't do that.

Why? Well, I think we ALL know the reason.

Cool post.