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Rants -- March 16, 2008

RantsWelcome to the March 16, 2008 edition of Rants.

Sapphocrat presents Michelle Obama Just Won't Shut Up (But She Does Want to Meet Me, Right After She Rips Out Bill Clinton's Eyes) posted at Lavender Newswire, saying, "Not all Democrats have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid; here's one who rails against Michelle Obama's repeated, embarrassing, and downright dangerous denigration of the United States -- and sees Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama for exactly what they are: A wealthy, privileged couple whose "just plain folks" schtick is just plain bunk."

Sammy Benoit presents Seething at the Appeasers of Terror. posted at YID With LID.

Shaheen Lakhan presents Elderly Patients Face Tough Barriers When Voting posted at GNIF Brain Blogger.

Guy Patterson presents U.S. Internet Service Providers Should Be Ashamed posted at Nullamatix - Technology & Security Made Simple.

Wenchypoo presents Update: The FairTax Crafter Finally Answers Me posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "Beware the FairTax plan--this is what happens when we citizens fail to pay attention and fall for the charismatic Koolaid (again). It's happening with Obamania right now, and happened with Huckabee's run until he ran out of money."

Gavin R. Putland presents Mutual obligation for property bludgers posted at /etc/cron.whenever/.

TheLittlestGuy presents carbon cycle posted at TheLittlestGuy, saying, "Recently, the word ‘carbon’ has been in a lot of buzz words… carbon-this, carbon-that. It’s time to stop throwing words around and to truly understand what is important about the world’s carbon problem."

Jay presents jaypross1: Air Travel Etiquette - Everyone should read this, and pass a test on it posted at jaypross1.

Holly Ord presents Voting for Hillary Just Because She’s a Woman? posted at Menstrual Poetry, saying, "Some women believe that they must vote for Hillary just because she's a woman and that is bullshit."

Laslo Weger presents Obama's "I didn't do it". posted at Outsider's View, saying, "Voting record shows the two leading democratic contenders are basically identical."

Laslo Weger presents On Lack of Candidates posted at Outsider's View, saying, "Presidential candidates have no more choice: they have to get more money one way or another. Usually from our pockets."

Richard presents Roger Chapin & Christopher O’Donnell’s Iraq War Scam posted at The Foothills Opinion Post, saying, "This is my beef with these phony Charities."

Fred Fry presents Norway and UK Pay Nuke Money as Russia Threatens West posted at Fred Fry International, saying, "The international community is paying to clean-up Russia's cold-war nuclear waste mess. The US gave Russia about $1 billion last year, all as Russia threatens the 'west' with a new cold war. Maybe they wouldn't be sold bold if they had to do the cleaning for a change. Note: This links to two related posts."

Archvillain presents Lost Cause posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "A Puritan can be defined as someone who is deeply afraid that someone, somewhere, might be enjoying himself. Why continue fighting a war to preserve Puritan ideaology?"

billspaced presents How Government Makes Things Worse posted at Rants 'n Reviews: Observations from a real conservative OR Rubbing slightly more salt into the wound, saying, "We're the government, and we're here to help."

billspaced presents There IS Something in the Water! posted at Rants 'n Reviews: Observations from a real conservative OR Rubbing slightly more salt into the wound, saying, "There IS something in the water!"

Raymond presents Living In A Litigious American Society Obsessed With Filing Lawsuits posted at Money Blue Book.

Geoffrey presents Hybrids still make sense (even if the Wall Street Journal doesn't) posted at We Op-Ed, saying, "Shining some much needed light on the absurdities of the WSJ's fear mongering about the impact of hybrid vehicles."

CapeTownDissentator presents The Primaries Continue: Could Clinton 2008 Become Nader 2000? posted at We Op-Ed, saying, "If this Democratic primary season keeps going, I wonder how history might view the Clinton campaign."

Suldog presents It's A Great Day For The Semi-Irish! posted at Suldog-O-Rama, saying, "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Eliot Spitzer posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

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