Monday, March 03, 2008

John McCain Is A Kook!

In the interest of being as unfair as possible, I've put up a web site about Senator John McCain. It's full of facts, figures, and hyperbole.

Well, it's all hyperbole. Most of it is made up. I do, however, think he's crazy. He TOTALLY scares me. If he's elected president, god help us all.

This is not to say that I think Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will make decent -- or better -- presidents. Well, in the case of Obama, I'm lying. I think he'll be a great president. I'm just not sure enough people agree with me, so he may never get a chance.

John McCain Is A Kook!
Profile in Courage: John McCain?
More on Senator McBain


Anonymous said...

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John McCain in '08 !!!

billspaced said...

Those are awesome motivational posters! I especially like the one about him counting to infinity...twice! That's funny shit.