Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Biden / Palin Debate Strategy

Here's a great story on the strategies Palin will be using to attack Biden (because she has nothing else to go on) and how Biden should react. I hope the Obama campaign reads this. Better yet, forget reading about it and go all Nike about it (Just Do It).

One more thing (I don't have time to go all aggro on this): Why are these things called debates? Nothing like debating goes on in these things. They should be called


The only thing the candidates try to do is go fishing for weaknesses and get their opponents on the defensive. And it works.

And why do Conservatives insist that we shouldn't talk about winners and losers in these things? I guess nobody wants to talk about losing, which they will.

Their only "win" will be getting the stupid voters to go to the polls and vote for McAssWipe and Ms. Bates.

Eric Schmeltzer: Palin's Debate Strategy and How Biden Can Beat It