Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain's Straight Talk Express: If By Straight Talk You Mean Double Talk

Or, as his one black friend might say, "Double Talkin' Jive!"

Here's McSame on a host of issues. Too bad most people only see Obama as a socialist, or a terrorist, or a black (or, worse yet! The Horror. A half breed.) man. Obama has to win by 8 points just to stay even.

Remember that figure. Obama wins only if he wins by 9. 54.5-45.5. Then the score will by 50.5-49.5. Mark my words. Eight percent of people polled who say they'll vote for Obama won't. Because he's black. That's today's handicap for being black.

But onto Senator Senile.

Flip or Flop? Bet McCain's favorite breakfast joint is the Waffle House!