Friday, October 03, 2008

Miscellaneous Ramblings on VP Debate (Biden and Palin)

A few words on the VP debate held last night. First, and least importantly, the candidates looked fabulous.

Now, it's all downhill from here. I've heard both the "left" and "right" talking about who won, who did best, who cleared the bar, where the bar was, etc.


First off, Sarah Palin did better than I thought she would. She obviously studied. And it showed. This is both good and bad. Good because she didn't get crushed by the Biden intellectual juggernaut. Bad because, well, it looked like she was regurgitating a high school lesson.

Second, Palin came across as condescending. To you, it may have appeared as cool, witty, hip, or something positive, but, for me, she came across as if she thought she was better than Biden.

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden debateThird, WTF? The debate started at 8pm, St Louis local time (Central) and lasted for at least 90 minutes (seemed like days). Her family brought her "challenged" baby up. Sure, she he (thanks, Kristen!) was asleep, but why was a baby out at 10pm?

How many "hockey moms" would have their babies out that late at night? Maybe I was just seeing things.

Fourth, WTFsquared! Palin gave a "shout out" to god-only-remembers! This was not a rap performance, nor was it a cheerleading competition! OMG, have we sunk so low that this sort of crap not only is acceptably presidential, but it also resonates with the voting public?

That was too much for me.

But the thing that really got me was her insistence on ignoring every question and turning it into "what I did as mayor, governor, and regulator" or "energy" or "maverick." By my unofficial count, Palin answered one question.

This automatically gets her an "F." Of course, only my opinion. Give me a "shout out" or a "kiss my ass" in the Comments :)

I don't care how great your dissertation is on why the sky is blue if in fact the question was a word problem that started out familiarly: If a train leaves Chicago at didn't answer the gosh-darned question!!!

Now, on to Biden. He didn't pounce. He should have cleaned her clock. I thought his breakup when he was talking about being a single dad was touching. It didn't even look scripted, though nowadays, I am so skeptical that it's always the first thing I think.

Finally, Biden's BS about frequenting Home Depot was baloney. He might get out and about (it's well-known and agreed that he rides the Amtrack into and out of DC), but I doubt he does a lot of home improvements. And that's okay with me, just don't try to be Tim "the Toolman" Taylor!


Kristen said...

Ha! She didn't come across as cool or witty to me. She came across as something from HeeHaw! (Remember that show?) The folksiness really sickened me... as did her obvious avoidance of the questions.

Unfortunately in the TV debate format the candidates don't get to ask each other questions and the moderator doesn't follow up.

Anyway, I totally agree with your "F" grade.

By the way, isn't her little baby a boy? I admit it's hard to tell with those crazy names... Isn't it Trig? Is that short for Trigonometry? I wonder.

billspaced said...

Thanks for the comments, Kristen. I know that a lot of people think Palin is cool, "one of us," but I agree with you -- pure Minnesota Hee-Haw!