Monday, October 27, 2008

One Week Out, Election 2008

You may be able to tell by my previous posts that I like Barack Obama and despise John McCain. Oh, as people, they're probably both okay. But from a presidential perspective, there's really only one choice. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of questions I have about Obama, first among them is "How do you propose to do all of this without spending us into debt from which we can never recover?"

That is to say, if President Bush hadn't beaten him to the punch (under President Bush, the national debt has doubled, from $5 trillion and trending down, to over $10 trillion and decidedly never trending down again).

I heard some nitwit on TV today saying that none of our enemies was afraid of Barack Obama and that all of them were afraid of John McCain. First, tell me how this matters? Second, the problem is that all of our allies are afraid of John McCain, too! Thanks to my wife for that insight.

I've spoken with quite a few of my friends who have always voted Republican and they're voting for Barack. Or at least they say they are (google Bradley effect). It's not so much that they're impressed with Obama as they are depressed about McCain's ineptitude. I hear that the McCain camp is already looking for ways to blame Sarah Palin for the loss. Funny how that works -- they picked her!

Though I find her increasingly reprehensible, not to mention annoying with that stupid accent, I think she added to the Republican presidential ticket. That's really not saying much, though. It really shows just how far in the hole the started.

It's somewhat astonishing to me how poorly the Republicans have run this campaign. And it's mind-blowingly amazing that the Democrats haven't found a way to lose.

But there's still time! A lot can happen in a week (+). Obama's lead is somewhat protected because of early voting, however. A lot of folks have already voted and no matter what happens in the next week or so, nothing can change their vote.

I certainly hope I'm wrong about my apprehension about Barrack Obama. I, too, hope I'm wrong about my prediction on another web site about Obama's 8 percent handicap because he's black (I don't think he's inferior at all; but a lot of Americans do). Barack Obama gives me the same sort of feelings I had when I was a youngster and fell in political love with Ronald Reagan. Reagan gave a young man a reason to feel proud about his country, that he could in fact accomplish anything he set out to do, and that America's fortune was about to turn the corner.

I feel those same things now (but only if Barack Obama wins). I'd like to see a landslide.

The thing that concerns me most about all of this, though, is the fact that Congress will become over-run by liberal spend-thrifts (again, not like the Republican-controlled Congress was any better) like Nancy Pelosi and Tin Man Harry Reid. I don't think I could ever fully express my utter displeasure with those two inept idiots. My only hope is that Obama leads the country in the right direction, unlike "Wrong Way W."