Friday, January 23, 2009

Canseco and Bonaduce to Brawl

Oh, I can't wait. Jose Canseco, former Oakland A's slugger and admitted steroid user, is fighting Danny Bonaduce in a celebrity boxing match tomorrow night.

"Hoser" is 6-4 and 260 pounds while Bonaduce is 5-6 and 180 pounds. It looks very lopsided, on paper. Bonaduce, the former Partridge family drummer, didn't look all that great against former Brady Bunch star Barry Wiliams, who played the oldest Brady boy, Greg.

But he looked great when he turned "Jonny Fairplay" on his ear and slammed him into the ground.

From the story:
Enter Canseco.

"People want to see him get beat up," Feldman said. "That's what it's all about."
Yes, they do!

Fame game not over for scorned ex-slugger Canseco - Yahoo! News