Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Couple Quick Rants

Who the hell are these people who think Barack Obama is not the President? They think because the rightwing nut job Supreme Court Chief Justice screwed up the Oath of Office that somehow Obama hasn't been sworn in?

Oh, and it doesn't matter one hill of beans that he took the damned Oath again? Oh, but it wasn't on a bible!

Who gives a flying fukc? And it wasn't televised, so nobody knows what happened?

See the problem here? Nobody could see it, yet they report what happened!

Okay, last rant. Why do people cling to the concept that it's a RIGHT to own a firearm? It simply is not said in the US Constitution, which these idiots always claim is the case. No, the Supreme Court has upheld that it's a right, but that doesn't mean it says so in the USC. They interpret the Constitution. That doesn't mean they got it right.

Anyway, I'm done.