Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Ziegler is a Dumbass

I heard that about "50 people" attended the Fire David Letterman protest, but that 35 of them were with the media. My simple math tells me that 15 people attended the ceremony.


Power to the people.

Or should I say, "sheeple?"

I've never heard of the idiots who organized this thing; I expect I'll never hear of them again. Apparently, one of the organizers bolted from the scene in a cab when he realized there was nothing there. Almost nobody showed up.

But I did hear some audio from the event. You had the typical idiots spouting off crap about Letterman (you know, he's a perv) along with some bitch talking about how he rapes people with his mouth!

Wow. Maybe Carlin or Bruce or Pryor or Schimmel. But not Dave. He may harp on you hard, but he certainly does not have a filthy mouth. At least in public. He's controlled by the FCC for goshsakes.

But the governor's acceptance didn't stop several dozen protesters from gathering outside New York's Ed Sullivan Theater, where "Late Show" is taped. The event was organized by the group

"We don't believe there's been any accountability at all here," said John Ziegler, a libertarian (code word for "idiot?") Los Angeles talk radio host who is serving as a spokesperson for the group. "We believe he's benefited from this."
David Letterman finds humor in Palin uproar as protesters chant | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times

No, dumbass, what he's benefited from is YOUR amplification of the episode. Refer to previous posts where other comedians told jokes about Palin...where was your outrage then? This whole thing wouldn't be a thing if not for you and your miscreant cohorts.

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