Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's the Deal with Iran?

I admit I haven't been paying attention to Iran. We have so many problems here: California is in deep doodoo, I'm losing my job, the economy sucks (but it's getting better!), and Jon and Kate split up (or so I assume).

(That last one really has me worried!)

But I hear that Iran had an election and the results are in dispute. What a shocker! A corrupt government ruled by a "Supreme Leader" or some shit like that (I'll take a chalupa with my Burrito Supreme) -- did anybody think things would turn out any different?

Now, the oridinary citizens of Iran have taken to the streets and started some crap they cannot finish -- without help.

And guess who is being held up as the knights in shining armor? Yeah, the US.

Um, no.

Obama is getting praise from the left for his stance on Iran (stand pat); he's getting lambasted for being sympathetic to Middle Eastern concerns from the right.

Apparently, now the Iranian government is beating the protestors and getting them to admit to acting on behalf of outside interests like our very own CIA!

(Didn't we do the same to those suspected terrorists at Gitmo? Memories...)

Anyway, the real reason I haven't been paying attention to Iran is because I really don't care. I do feel sorry for folks who want a better life. I really do. But why in the world would I think it's appropriate to meddle in another country's affairs?

I know, the US has been doing this for decades. Why stop now? Well, for one, the economy. For two, we're already in Afghanistan and Iraq. For three, the economy. Did I mention the economy?

If we cannot take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?