Friday, June 26, 2009

No Pills Found, But Dirty Tampon Ordered Kept In

In another case of WHAT THE FUCK?, the US Supreme Court has found that strip searching teens in school is not a good idea. Unless you're Clarence Thomas, of course. He wants closer examination of the young white girl's nether region.

School officials in Arizona ordered the girl to expose herself in order to ascertain whether she was hiding pain relief medication in her underwear.

In an 8-1 ruling the Supreme Court found that school officials violated the girl's 4th amendment rights. Well, duh.

Don't schools have more to do than look for non-prescription drugs on kids? What EXACTLY is wrong with Arizona?

Are they crazy from the heat?

Justices: Strip search of teen was illegal - Crime & courts-
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said Thursday school officials acted illegally when they strip-searched an Arizona teenage girl looking for prescription-strength ibuprofen.
What a bunch of retarded, sick fucks.

School officials, by the way, cannot be held liable for breaking the law. Which means that even though Savana Redding's rights were violated, they can keep doing it again and again. Talk about a bunch of pussies on the Court!

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politicus said...

I always knew we could rely on Clarence Thomas. Ever since the "pubic hair in my Coke" allegation.

Frankly, I do not recall any meaningful opinions by that guy, since he managed to get appointed to the Supreme Court.

Wolfgang said...

This egregious abuse of school authority reminds me why I hated high school and turned to drugs for relief.