Friday, May 04, 2007

Republican candidates Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee cannot win because they're stupid

Evolution: The change in organisms from generation to generation.

These 3 guys don't believe evolution happens. As my grandfather used to say, "They couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom."

Three of the candidates — Mr. Huckabee, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado — raised their hands to signal that they did not believe in evolution.
Not believing in evolution is akin (pun intended) to not believing in the sun, or photosynthesis, or genetics. Darwin was right. "Intelligent design" is a euphemism for magic.

Did you ever notice that "pro-lifers" are almost always anti-evolution? Why is that? What does this mean? I'm not sure. It's one of those things that I'll put my faith in a higher being to answer.

’08 Republicans Differ on Defining Party’s Future - New York Times