Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Buyer beware: Counterfeit products abound on internet

Knocked off by a bargain - Los Angeles Times

Consumer reporter gets scammed by 'too good to be true' earphones. Great story and illustration of one of the tenets of life: Buyer beware.
A consumer reporter learns the whole world is a street corner when he shops online for a set of earphones and finds a price too good to be true.
By David Colker, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 26, 2007
I make my living writing about scams.

Check-cashing schemes, Nigerian frauds, fake Viagra -- I've covered them all. And in the back of my mind was always the sense that the victims must be a bit greedy or stupid.

Like me.
Sometimes, you can get great deals on the internet. But when the offer is way below normal retail, think 3 times about buying. And if you do buy, don't get upset when you realize you got exactly what you paid for...