Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How many students will it take getting tasered?

So after the last post, where I showed a video of some punk getting tasered after he wouldn't cooperate with the authorities, I checked YouTube for "student taser." Wow, to my surprise, I got 119 search results, no doubt some of them duplicates (I haven't checked, and really don't care to).

But it seems that students are getting on the wrong end of the taser pretty frequently.
I don't care who you are or what you're doing, good intentions and all:
If the police tell you to shut up and sit down, do it. If they put their hands on you, relax. Don't fight it.

You'll have plenty of time and people on your side later. Don't make the situation escalate. YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF YOUR ISSUE.
Now I know some of you may say you have every right to speak your mind. And you do. But if the police tell you to do X, do X. Why the fight?

Can they take away your freedom of speech? Sure, temporarily. But think of the larger audience you'll have if you just let the situation pass and then, out of harm's way, do something about it. Like speak out. Write the Editor of your local newspaper. Talk to your Congressional representatives. Talk to the Chief of Police.

Do something positive. Don't be a punk. The police, in most cases, are really only doing what they've been trained to do and the last thing they want is this unwelcome notoriety. Don't you think?