Friday, December 21, 2007

GOP's Tancredo quits ’08 race...Who?

Talk about a loser right out of the gate. Tancredo seemed like a whack from the get-go. Now, sadly, he's gone. But he's endorsed another whack-o, Mitt Romney! I say that not because he's Mormon, but because he's just weird. He scares me. He's like Formica. It's a clean, smooth material that looks good from afar, even good close up. But it tarnishes the value of your house. Cheapens it, you know?

When are the Republicans going to offer up a polished, smart, and good candidate? Hell, when are the Democrats? Why so many crappy candidates with lots of money? Is there anybody out there with any brains, common sense, level-headedness?

Yes, but they're all too smart to run. Somebody would go digging deep in the basement of their childhood home and find a skeleton. Like, "He liked to play with himself while reading Spiderman." Or some crap like that.

GOP's Tancredo quits ’08 race - Tom Tancredo News-