Monday, December 10, 2007

Libby drops appeal in CIA leak case

Libby drops appeal in CIA leak case
President Bush commuted Libby's 30-month jail sentence in July. Libby paid a $250,000 fine and must serve two years' probation. Libby remains a convicted felon, but Bush could issue a full pardon as his administration winds down. Wells said he has not discussed a possible pardon with the president and does not know what Bush will do.
Of course, Libby will be pardoned. He and his lawyers have already worked out the details. Bush has signed on. This is the only reason they'd drop the appeal. A pardon will serve as a full exoneration, as if the crimes he committed never happened.

I wish we could do the same with the entire tenure of Bush and his goons. Make like the last 8 years never happened, including the worst attack on American soil.