Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My first PayPerPost post

This is my first payperpost. At first, my web site was rejected and I'm not sure why. The email I received said that my site had not been indexed by google, but it had.

I've been so busy that I just disregarded the email, decided to fight the fight later, and moved on.

Today, I got an email saying that my site had been accepted. Cool. Apparently, payperpost rechecks sites they've rejected, which is convenient. No fights, no arguments.

I like them already.

So this post is about my first experience with payperpost. So far, so good. On to bigger and better things!

UPDATE: I posted the above and got another rejection notice, this time because this topic required at least two hundred words and I had only used 103. So here's my attempt to resolve that.

Here are the things I like about payperpost:

  1. Potential to supplement income my site receives by simply posting about topics that interest me.
  2. Nice graphics.
  3. Did I mention the money?

Things I don’t like:

  1. I feel cheap.
  2. I feel like I need to take a shower.
  3. It seems unseemly to get paid to post, like I’m biased.
But you know what? Bloggers ARE biased. That’s why they do what they do (most of them). We have specific opinions and perspectives. Hopefully, most of us have open minds so that we can discuss things rationally.

But we’re all putting google Adsense ads on our sites and other paid content, why not in the posts? If we’re upfront about it (notice I put a big red button on this post), our readers can factor that in their assessments of the validity of our posts. Right?